Parallels is already working to support Windows 11 on macOS

Last week, Microsoft announced what will be the successor to Windows 10, a new version baptized as Windows 11, which includes important aesthetic changes, however, the main novelty will be the possibility of install android apps, yes, through the Amazon Store initially. Most likely, over time, apps from the Play Store may also be installed.

Parrarels, the company that allows us to emulate any operating system on a Mac, has announced that it is already working to offer support through your application to Windows 11, news that will undoubtedly be well received by all those users who are usually forced to use Windows sporadically or regularly.

Nick Drobrovosky, vice president of engineering and support for Parallels, states that:

Since Windows 11 has just been announced, the Parallels engineering team is waiting for the official build of Windows 11 Insider Preview to begin studying the changes introduced in the new OS to offer full compatibility in future Parallels Desktop updates.

The release of Windows 11 in its final version is planned for before the end of the year. Microsoft is likely to make it coincide with Christmas, when many people renew their computer equipment.

Taking into account that there is still almost half a year to go For its launch, the guys at Parallels have enough time to get things right, so it is more than likely that until the end of this year or early 2022, a new version of Parallels with support for Windows 11 will not be released.

For now Windows 10 still cannot be installed on computers managed by the M1 processor Apple, although it is possible to install Linux, as we showed you a few days ago.

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