Do you want an iPad Pro? Look at these succulent offers

One of the most versatile products that Apple has within its entire catalog is the iPad, and also, if we look at all the available models, the iPad Pro is the one that offers the user the most possibilities. However, this is also the most expensive, well, all users who are after a good offer to buy something cheaper have to take a look at this post.

These are the models with discount

It is not very common to find discounts on devices such as the iPad Pro, since Apple itself never discounts its top equipment. However, and fortunately for people who are currently looking for a way to save some money on the purchase of an iPad Pro, Amazon has a series of really interesting discounts. We leave them below.

  • iPad Pro 11-inch Space Gray
    • Wi-Fi version
      • 128 GB of capacity: 34 euros discount.
      • 256 GB of capacity: 21 euros discount.
      • 512 GB of capacity: 110 euros discount.
      • 2TB capacity: 183 euros discount.
    • Wi-Fi + Cellular Version
      • 128 GB of capacity: 62 euros discount.
      • 256 GB capacity: 24 discount.
      • 512 GB of capacity: 143 euros discount.
      • 2TB capacity: 198 euros discount.

ipad pro 2021 design

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch Space Gray
    • Wi-Fi version
      • 128 GB of capacity: 100 euros discount.
      • 512 GB of capacity: 25 euros discount.
      • 2TB capacity: 298 euros discount.
    • Wi-Fi + Cellular Version
      • 128 GB of capacity: 23 euros discount.
      • 2TB capacity: 210 euros discount.

ipads on ipad pro 2021

What is better 11 or 12.9 inches?

When buying an iPad Pro, one of the big questions that users have, in addition to whether to buy a Wi-Fi or LTE version and its capacity, is the size of the screen. Well, obviously everything will depend on the use that you are going to make of the device and, therefore, on the needs that you are going to have or that you already have.

using ipad pro 2021

The kind of 11 inches is a really ideal size to be able to transport it with total ease, in addition to providing much more comfort when it comes to being able to hold it by hand in those cases in which you want to consume content on the sofa, in bed or perform a similar use. Now, perhaps if what you want is an iPad that this is your work team, an 11-inch screen may fall short, and that is where the 12.9 model comes into play. This is the ideal equipment to be able to replace, in some cases, the functions that a computer fulfills for many users. Your screen is really amazing, for everything, be it to work, draw or simply consume series, movies or videos. However, that screen size also makes it much more uncomfortable to transport and, above all, to handle with your hands. Therefore, think about the main use you want to dedicate your iPad to and based on that, choose the size that best suits your needs.

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