Pay attention to these 10 viruses, they are the most common now according to Malwarebytes

The different types of malicious code that travel the internet today are becoming more and more dangerous. Furthermore, these tend to improve and update over time to become more effective and harmful to users and their computers. Now we are going to see which have been the most widespread based on the information of the malwarebytes security signature.

Based on the fact that we increasingly use both locally and online, a greater number of sensitive and private data, the protection must be greater. And it is that the attackers are on the prowl to be able to get hold of them for different purposes. They can sell them to third parties, use them maliciously, ask us for a ransom, etc. Hence precisely the different types of malware that we can run into right now.

To all this we can add that almost every day new types of these software elements are discovered that can attack us. This is one of the main reasons why developers of security solutions release so many updates. And we are not talking about new versions of the antivirus as such, but they update the internal database of it with these new discoveries. Thus, our security software is able to defend ourselves and prevent the arrival of these malicious news.

There are many companies specializing in everything related to security who offer us their own products. One of the most popular for years is the aforementioned Malwarebytes. In fact, this company periodically lets us know the most widespread types of malware detected in a certain period of time. This is precisely what we want to talk about in the next few lines.

Common malicious codes detected by Malwarebytes

Due to all this that we commented to you, as you can imagine the number of viruses and other types of malware around us is enormous. However, perhaps among the most dangerous are those put into circulation more recently. To all this, we can add that there are campaigns by the attackers that are more successful than others. If you want to know the malicious codes that have been detected the most by the security firm mentioned in this past month of April, we leave you the list:

  • Generic.Malware/Suspicious
  • Exploit.CVE202121551.Vulnerable
  • HackTool.AutoKMS
  • Malware.Heuristic
  • RiskWare.BitCoinMiner
  • RiskWare.KMS
  • Malware.AI
  • Trojan.BitCoinMiner
  • Trojan.Agent
  • Virus.Floxif

To give you an idea, the first of the malicious elements that we have exposed to you is the one that has been most widespread and detected over the last month. Keep in mind that security solutions from Malwarebytes are found running on many computers around the world. This means that the samples that we have told you about are spread all over the globe and are widely scattered throughout the internet.

Obviously, a good part of the current security solutions, including those of this company, are capable of protecting us against all of this. However, it is essential that Let’s keep our antivirus updated to the latest version shipped. Otherwise to see and despite maintaining security software on the PC, if it is not updated it is of little use.

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