Percy Jackson: According to Rick Riordan, the TV series will arrive on Disney +

Let’s go back to talking about the TV series based on the franchise of Percy Jackson which, according to the author of the novels, Rick Riordan, it could really be coming to Disney + soon.

Is Percy Jackson’s TV series getting closer to Disney + debut?

Through a post shared on his blog, the author has in fact returned to update his fans on the show that he has been trying to make reality for months now. The author explained that last Friday he met with key Disney executives, including the heads of the Disney Entertainment, Disney TV, 20th Century Studios and Disney + divisions and, together, in the virtual meeting on Zoom, they all seem to agree on the made of wanting to make a TV series in the “best way”:

This was the first time we’ve all gathered together in the same room (on Zoom), so we can be sure we have the same information and share the same goals. Putting everyone together and aligning our visions for the series was really helpful, and I think a lot of the confusion points have been resolved (I’m referring to my general confusion, anyway!). The good news is that the executives are all there, they want to do this series and they want to do it well. Many of them have children who grew up with Percy Jackson, so they understand. They know there are millions and millions, and that you can’t wait to see Percy Jackson come to life in a new way. We felt supported and listened to, and I’m more confident than ever that this series is moving forward in the right way. You all made a difference, as always. By making you heard on social media, by sharing your enthusiasm: Disney sees you. They heard you and they want to do things right for Percy fans. And this is my priority, so I’m happy.

Although the series has not yet received a green light, there is already a team of writers behind the project and the Disney executives seem to be very interested in making it. The casting of the protagonist has already been underway for some time and everything suggests that we will soon see Percy’s return on TV.

If all goes as planned, Percy Jackson’s TV series is expected to arrive on Disney + as early as 2022.

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