James Bond: here’s the mini Aston Martin for kids that will cost more than your car

The Little Car Company revealed the arrival of a mini Aston Martin inspired by the new film by James Bond, No Time to Die, or the Aston Martin DB5, created for children who wish to become a secret agent of Her Majesty (and make their parents spend a lot of money).

Here is the new, very expensive, mini Aston Martin from James Bond

The small vehicle, in reality, is not that small.

In fact, it is described as “Two thirds of the size of the car used in the film” and, in case you were wondering, it also comes complete with toy machine guns “That protrude from the front of the car when the headlights are retracted” And “A system that pumps dark smoke through the ‘exhaust pipes’ and even a digital license plate that allows you to quickly change the number plate”.

The mini Aston Martin has a power of 21.5 horsepower and is estimated to have a maximum speed around 80 kilometers per hour; something I probably wouldn’t trust in the hands of a child.

Aston Martin spokesman Nathan Hoyt, however, told CNN that: “We will encourage parents to ensure that their children wear a helmet and that children are supervised while driving.”

We’re all calmer now, aren’t we?

To reassure you, it is unlikely that you will see many circulating in the gardens of the houses (unless you have a private circuit next to the pool and the helicopter landing pad), considering that the cost of this mini Aston Martin is. 123,000 dollars.

I wonder if, instead of the UK, they will all end up in Russia.

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