Personalize your Apple Watch with these X-ray wallpapers

In early October, the guys at iFixit shared their traditional review of the new Apple Watch Series 7 completely disassembling the device and giving it the usual note of repairability. Just like he did a few weeks ago sharing X-ray wallpapers of the new iPhones, the guys at iFixit have now shared X-ray wallpapers of the new Series 7.

These wallpapers are designed for the Series 7, since they show the internal components of the device, however, we can use it in any other version, although it is not as well adjusted as in the Series 7, because this model has expanded the size of the screen, a little, but now it is larger.

As we can read on the iFixit website where he has shared these new wallpapers:

It seems that Apple Watch perfection is achieved not when there are no more components to add, but when there are no more things to remove. In the 7 Series, Apple did not launch a radical redesign, but instead eliminated a diagnostic port, consolidated the display technology to eliminate a display cable, and made even more room for battery power. We worked with three former Apple engineers on our teardown of the Series 7 to put those changes, and others, in context.

The guys at iFixit offer these wallpapers both for 41mm model like 45mm and they allow us to see the internal battery, the haptic motor, the plate through X-rays and even some cables.

The main differences between Series 6 and Series 7 We found it in a larger battery, in addition to the aforementioned new screen size, along with the removal of the diagnostic port and a new speaker module.

In order to use these wallpapers on the Apple Watch Series 7, we must store them on your iPhone and later sync them to the Apple Watch using the Photos watch face.

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