Pixel 6a: fingerprint sensor bug still not fixed after launch

Despite the arrival of a first update a few days ago, the Pixel 6a still suffers from a major security problem with its fingerprint sensor, which can be used by anyone.

Credit: Evan Blass

While the first pre-orders of the new Pixel 6a were sent on July 21, many users have already received their copy, and some had the unpleasant surprise to find that a bug in the fingerprint sensor allowed anyone to unlock it.

However, Google had bet a lot on this new generation, since the Pixel 6 had already suffered a lot from the poor performance of its fingerprint sensor, often considered too slow. Google had finally corrected the situation with an update several months after the launch, but despite a sensor change on the Pixel 6a, the latter has already revealed its flaws.

The first smartphone update did not fix the bug

Now that thousands of users have received their Pixel 6a, it looks like the fingerprint sensor bug is still there. more common than we thought. On social networks, many people report the same problem on their copy. As a reminder, the owners of the smartphone claim that although it is much faster than the previous generation, Pixel 6a’s in-display fingerprint sensor works with any fingereven if your fingers are the only ones registered in the settings.

This is therefore a major security problem that Google should be quick to fix. However, several days after the official release of the smartphone, the latter is still present. Google had deployed a first update bearing the number SD2A.220601.00but the latter probably did not solve the bug.

The update only brought the possibility to unlock the bootloader to install a third-party ROM or root a device. Google has also rolled out the June 2022 Android security patch, although we are already in July. We imagine that the American giant will rather directly install the security patch of August in a few days when it will finally correct the bug of the fingerprint sensor.

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