Plain Concepts bets on flexible 35-hour days, without reducing salary

Plain Concepts has recently presented a measure that can revolutionize working conditions in the coming months. The company specialized in technological solutions, in pursuit of achieving employee happiness as well as attracting talent, is firmly committed to a full remote work and the flexible working hours of 35 hours per week maintaining 100% of the salary.

people first

In a study based on surveys of 7,774 employees and 250 people managers in companies in the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom, the consulting firm McKinsey identified the main priorities for employees and employers. In addition to those related to adequate compensation, valuation and a sense of belonging, the most important was personal and professional conciliation.

With the aim of improving this aspect and, therefore, the quality of life of its employees, Plain Concepts has approved the implementation of a flexible remote shift of 35 hours a week, while maintaining the full stipulated salary. The technology company has made this decision as a sign of commitment to happiness of its employees, essential for the company, and thereby maintain the technical excellence that has always characterized them.

From the Spanish company they are convinced that the implementation of this measure will greatly benefit their employees, since it will improve their work-life balance and they will be happier and more motivated.

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More motivated teams

Without a doubt, for Plain Concepts the well-being of its employees is essential, which is why the company makes a wide range of social benefits available to its workers: free English classes and training, medical and dental insurance, flexible remuneration, day off for birthdays, gym platform, financial aid for expenses derived from teleworking such as internet, in addition to providing the necessary equipment to work from home with the comfort of the office, among others.

value and people

If there is something that differentiates Plain Concepts, it is its continuous concern to offer the greatest value to its clients, that is why they take advantage of this measure with them in mind, with the commitment to continue offering them the best service, the highest quality and a lower turnover. of personal. In short, maintain and even improve your satisfaction with the best professionals. People will continue to be your top priority, both your customers and your employees.

In addition, with the implementation of this measure, Plain Concepts also cares for its clients, to whom it will deliver the same value as up to now, maintaining your quality standardsand that they will benefit from a reduction in team turnover.

In the words of Pablo Peláez, CEO of Plain Concepts: “We are aware that what makes us great is the quality of the professionals that make up the Plain Concepts team. That is why we continue working to improve their well-being, listening to their needs and creating the best work space for them”.

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