Play 2021: tomorrow’s grand finale program with tournaments, prizes and numerous talks

After a sold-out Saturday that saw several thousand people of all ages enter the wide spaces of the Modena fair, the attention for the largest event dedicated to the world of play focuses on the third and last day of the Play 2021.

Also in this case a program full of initiatives for the 12th edition of Play – Festival of the Game, on stage at the exhibition center. Tomorrow (Sunday 5th September), from 9 to 19, as usual, the Festival organized by ModenaFiere will propose a particularly intense program for a conclusion in style.

The program of the last day of Play 2021

In particular, there will be a series of table game tournaments for all tastes, starting with the invitational national final of the medieval “Carcassonne” (1 pm, Pavilion A). Other challenges concern other titles particularly well known in the sector such as “Agricola” (9 am, Pavilion A) “Terraforming Mars” And “Klask” (both at 10.30, Pavilion B), “Stone Age” (2 pm, Pavilion A) and “Dubito” (5 pm, Pavilion A). There are then two tournaments of “Dust 1947” scheduled in Pavilion A at 10 and 15.
Moving on to the events, the final day of Play is also the one in which the “Vallejo Painting Awards”, dedicated to the best painters in the field of miniatures. Three categories in the competition: large, single miniature and action scene. The event lasts all day and the awards are scheduled in the afternoon.

In the morning, instead, an appointment with the guys from the team of Inntale, very well known on Twitch and on social networks, for a talk to talk about the perspectives related to role playing (10.30, Sala 400).

Talk in Play

Another talk is that of 14, in Room 100, will have as protagonist Andrea Lucca, aka “Il Rosso”, a prominent figure in the organization of national events and initiatives related to the game who, for the occasion, will present his “Crystal Saga” project. The Mana Project design studio will announce its novelties at 4 pm in Room 100, and Andrea Rossi will present three new adventures of the “Old School Essentials” game with a presentation at 1 pm in Hall A.

Still the protagonist of the 2021 edition of Play is the game book with numerous meetings scheduled. Thomas Mazzantini, winner of the award for the Best Librogame 2020 in Lucca ChaNGes, presents the new creation “Fausto & Furio” (12 noon, Sala Moreno), Valentino Sergi will illustrate his “Horror Gamebook. Challenge to the Red Death ”(10 am, Pavilion D – followed by firmcopie at 1 pm). Mauro Longo and Francesco Di Lazzaro will meet budding writers to suggest their advice (12 noon, Pavilion D), while Di Lazzaro will conduct a meeting at 10 on how to conceive and design a game book at 10 in the Moreno Room.

Fans of the successful series “Dungeons & Dragons” they will find more dedicated events on the third day of the event: Andrea Rossi is always the protagonist thanks to the meeting that will take place at 10 in Room 100 to deepen the role of the “dungeon” in order to suggest ways to better manage the matches. Following the highly anticipated event with the Epic challenge, which will attract fans from all over Italy: the start is set for 14 in Room 400: four hours of time available to challenge the final boss, thanks to the collaboration between all the players . The event will have a prologue at 12 with a meeting in Room 100 with D&D expert Christian Bellomo, known under the pseudonym “Zoltar” and author of the site.

Training workshops

Among the training workshops scheduled for tomorrow we have the third and final session of creating leather costumes for live role-playing games held by the costume designer with Hollywood experiences Gabriele Stazi, aka “The Leprechaun” (10 am, Pavilion E), the conference “From the costume designer to the larper” on similarities and differences with the cinema sector (2 pm, Sala Moreno) again by Stazi and finally a meeting promoted by Federludo and dedicated to associations on the theme of effective communication (12 pm, pavilion B).

As a corollary, the many free play sessions organized by the various exhibitors and associations present as well as a vast market exhibition in which all fans can also find the most sought-after and particular pieces to enrich their collections.

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