Play Super Mario beyond the screen with these board games

Mario, the Nintendo mascot and the most charismatic plumber of all time, has spent years touring dangerous worlds as long as Bowser doesn’t get his way. Its video game catalog is immense, but for a long time, you can also play with Mario, Luigi and the other characters of the franchise off-screen, with games like LEGO Super Mario. On this occasion, we will tell you all the table games What about Italian? Thus, you can share good times with your children and family. Here we go!

Games of Ability and Dexterity inspired by Super Mario

Super Mario was born as a platform game that requires concentration and a little skill with the hands. Therefore, it is not unreasonable that some Italian board games also have this theme.

Super Mario Jenga

Jenga has its version in the Mushroom Kingdom, and it has nothing to do with the traditional game lifelong. The tower is made up of sets of three pieces inspired by the blocks that the plumber hits with his head in the video game. However, the fearsome Bowser is at the top.

The challenge in Jenga Super Mario is twofold. On the one hand, we have to prevent the tower from falling to the collapsed table. On the other, we will have to overcome the challenges that roulette will give us. Completing the tests, our character will be able to climb some steps in the tower, and thus defeat the villain. It’s a really entertaining game that gets more complicated at times as the game progresses. It is designed for up to four players over 8 years old.

Winning Moves Top Trumps Super Mario

mario game cubes

This game for kids combines the 5 in a row three dimensional with being very aware of the game and even preparing some other trick to the rival to catch him off guard. The game has a vertical board and is completed by placing cubes with the characters of the Nintendo franchise. When the player places a cube, he also completes the opponent’s game with the other side of the cube. Cube. Many strategies can be developed and also steal the victory from the rival if we prepare the play well. The games last 20 minutes, they can play older than 4 years and is designed to play in pairs.

Super Mario Air Hockey

super mario air hockey

The smallest of the house can to train their reflexes with this little Air Hockey inspired by the characters from the video game. It is a simple game, easy to assemble and practically for all ages, as it is suitable for older than 4 years. Not only will we have to prevent them from scoring a goal, but we will form a team with several characters and we will color them on the goal, having to defeat them with the blow of the shell if we want to increase our score.

Card games

There are also a few card games inspired by the worlds of Super Mario. Several of them are also intended for a Children public.

Memory Super Mario

super mario memory

Designed for little ones four years and upthis game is a classic for train short term memory. We will put some Super Mario cards face down, and during each turn, we will discover a pair. We will remove them to our hand if both have the same drawing. The player who has guessed the most pairs wins. Memory is a game that rewards attention and retention. It can be played in both group as solo.

ONE Super Mario

card games uno super mario

The classic UNO also has its version Super Mario, in fact, there is also a deck themed with Mario Kart. If the usual UNO cards bore you, and you want to have a somewhat more personalized game, the Super Mario versions of UNO can be a great option.

Level 8 Junior – Super Mario

level 8 super mario game

This card game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but according to some parents, those over 6 can play without problems. It is a child-friendly version of Level 8, a math operations game that requires making a number of combinations of cards to overcome the challenges that arise. On this occasion, the game is themed for Super Mario fans.

Super Mario Monopoly Games

There are three editions of monopoly different that revolve around the theme of Mario and his companions. They are the following:

Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart

monopoly mario kart

Finally a different Monopoly. Choose a car and jump into the race to collect ccircuits and collect coins. Oh, and leave him as a gift bananas your opponents so that they move away a little from your car. The games are much shorter and the game is intended for a Children publicalthough that does not mean that they will be able play as a family with a simpler game than traditional Monopoly. Those who have it recognize that it is a perfect middle ground. In addition, karts can be purchased separately to expand the cast of racers a bit.

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration

monopoly super mario

This other option is also a version of the game adapted for children. It simply uses coins, instead of a bundle of bills. As with the Mario Kart version, it is designed to older than 8 years. However, it supports up to a maximum of 6 players, compared to 4 in the other edition.

Monopoly Super Mario Bros Collector’s Edition

monopoly mario collector

And now yes, the monopoly for adults. It is based on the classic Super Mario Bros, with its 8 bit setting and its pixelated characters. The tickets are the score of the platform game, and the boxes represents levels of the different worlds of the video game. Finding this game in stores is not going to be easy for you, because it is a collectors editionand many have already taken their unit to keep it safe.

Super Mario Board Games

Labytinth – Super Mario

super mario maze

touch to concentrate, because Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom characters are about to look for treasures on a board. However, getting hold of the loot will not be easy, as the board is shaped like a labyrinthand go to changing every turn. The walls will open and close, revealing new shortcutsbut also enemies that will impede our passage. There are versions of this Ravensburger game from practically all the well-known franchises, and it is a game very loved by children. is ready for 2-4 players over 7 years old.

Checkers Super Mario

super mario ladies.

This time Mario and Luigi face checkers, one of the most classic games together with Chess. They can play older than 6 yearsand the rules can be adapted in multiple ways.

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