Playdede, everything you need to know about the successor of Megadede to watch series and movies online

A few days ago the news came like rain in May: the creators of Megadede would return to the ring with Playdede , the natural successor of one of the best-known pages in our country to watch series and movies online. Yesterday the platform was opened to the public and there are many doubts that have arisen around the new face lift of Megadede. This time we have compiled some of these questions to answer them according to the new platform.

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Is it still possible to watch series and movies online for free?

The truth is that yes. Playdede inherits the original philosophy of Megadede, which in recent months was forced to become a simple repository of series and movies without links to external websites. In this aspect, Playdede maintains the essence of Pordede. In fact, already has dozens of titles linked by websites such as Powvideo, Gamovideo or Waaw .

Is the catalog the same as Megadede’s?

For the moment It is not known if Playdede has taken the Megadede repository as a base, although everything indicates that the servers have been created from scratch. In any case, the web catalog is quite extensive as of today , since the portal has been developing for a few months.

Can I import my Megadede lists on Playdede?

Right. From the platform options we can import the Megadede lists in CSV format to have a history with the series and movies that we have seen in Megadede.

Are registrations open or can only be accessed by invitation?

From the day of its opening, Playdede keeps the records open to all users who want to access the platform. And is that unlike Pordede and Ultradede, the site does not require an invitation to access the user registry .

Can I access as a guest Playdede?

Unlike Megadede, Playdede requires registration to access the content of the web , so we will not be able to access as guests, at least at the time of write these lines.

Can I use my old Megadede account on Playdede?

Unlike the transition between Plusdede and Megadede, Playdede arrives as a completely renewed service. In fact, Megadede’s own website has already announced that all portal servers have been deleted , while the access information has been deleted. In other words, we will not be able to use our Megadede account on Playdede.

Is there a Playdede application for Android or iPhone?

At the moment there is no Playdede mobile app. In fact, from TechUnwrapped.com we do not recommend downloading any APK from sources outside the web . Most likely it is some kind of malware. The best thing to do in these cases is to access the website of the portal adapted to mobiles and tablets.

Can I watch Playdede on a Smart TV?

Negative, at least for the moment. As we do not have a mobile application, we cannot use the iOS and Android delivery options to duplicate the content on a smart TV.

If we have a Chromecast or an Apple TV, always We can use the system mirroring options (Android through Google Home, Windows through Google Chrome …) to send the device screen to the TV, as shown you can see in the screenshot above.

Does the Playdede website have ads?

At the moment, Playdede lacks web ads, although it is not ruled out that they are integrated into a future. Unfortunately, the portals where the videos are hosted continue to receive advertising of all kinds: pop-up windows, fake download buttons …

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