Polk Audio Signature 55e, quality cinema or stereo speakers

Polk Audio has a wide range of speakers: the Signature ones are the high-end and this S55e model the column one intermediate. They are hi-fi speakers , traditional or “passive” (they need an amplifier) ​​that despite an affordable price for their range ( 900 euros the pair ) offer a quality equivalent to competing models of higher ranges. They are 105 centimeters tall with a base that is almost 30 cm wide by 32 deep and each weighs 20 kg. They are available in white or black.

Two-way reflex

The Polk Audio signature S55e are two-way cabinets with three speakers and a bass-reflex enclosure with Power Port output. The high frequencies (treble) are covered by the upper 1-inch diameter textile dome tweeter (Terylene), capable of exceeding the human hearing threshold: it can reproduce 40 kHz and therefore is compatible with high resolution music formats .

Mount for mid and bass two dynamic speakers with 6.5 inch diameter cones. These cones are made of polypropylene reinforced with Mica (light and rigid) and come into action below 2.5 kHz, which is the “cut-off” frequency between them and the tweeter set in the internal passive filter.

Lower Power Port Output

The box is made of high-density wood derivatives to be inert, and has a bass-reflex port with Polk’s own technology : the Power Port. This avoids abrupt cutting of the outlet using a conical shape and deflector, so that the airflow moves more smoothly. Extends bass response (up to 3 dB louder) and eliminates distortion and “puff”. The bass response thus reaches 32 Hz, very good data for a box with 6.5-inch speakers in bass.

Good sensitivity

Polk Audio has been manufacturing speakers since the 1970s and they know that in addition to good sound, some boxes should present few problems to the amplifier who will have to move them. If not, the result would not be what was expected and the client would enter a spiral of search for better components … The Signature boxes are boxes with good sensitivity , that is to say that do not need a lot of power: their 90 dB will give an already high volume with a few tens of watts. And also they are not demanding with the current delivered by the amplifier, since their nominal 8 Omh impedance remains quite stable: we can make them sound satisfactorily even with amplifiers of valves.

A very complete family

The S55e is the second largest column in the Polk Audio Signature family: above it is only the large column S60e including a third woofer for mid-bass. Below the column S50e using smaller speakers, and then in the family are three “bookshelf” boxes , S20e, S15e and S10e from highest to lowest. The first we had the opportunity to test it recently and we liked it for its finish, sound and excellent value for money. The last one is a compact monitor ideal to use as «effects» box in a home theater system , since all the Signature are also designed to that use with a family timbral coherence. So the system will sound with a similar bell when some sound changes channels or speaker, while on the move. In fact there are two boxes dedicated to the central channel, which is usually better or easier to place in a horizontal position: they are the S30e and S35e. With these boxes you can build a really powerful and quality cinema equipment, still within a reasonable budget given the benefits they will offer us.

Polk Audio Signature Family

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