PowerPoint hack: turn presentations into videos for mobile

The multimedia presentations that we have the possibility of creating at the moment have little or nothing to do with similar projects from a few years ago. Thanks to current applications and technologies, we achieve, in a relatively simple way, spectacular results. Perhaps the main reference in this software sector can be found in the Microsoft program. So much so that next we are going to show you how convert PowerPoint file to Android video.

This is part of the firm’s office suite, Office, and gives us the possibility of creating truly spectacular multimedia projects. In addition, thanks to the functions that this offers us, we can achieve it even if we do not have much knowledge on the matter. Generally, the presentations that we carry out in this type of program are made up of several slides that we will later expose to the public. But they will not only work in the aforementioned Microsoft presentation program, but we will be able to use them in many other applications.

For this we only have to perform some conversion tasks, as we will see in these same lines. In fact, the program itself offers us its own function that will help us convert the projects designed here into videos, for example.

Create a video of a PowerPoint presentation

This will give us the opportunity to play the content that we have created on any other device as if it were a conventional video. A clear example of all this can be found in the event that we want take these videos to our mobile device. Therefore, if we want to convert PowerPoint to Android video, we have two ways to achieve it, as we will see.

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is get to work on the multimedia project in PowerPoint in a conventional way. Once we have finished with it, we save it as usual to have the file in the native format of the program. Now, if from these slides of the presentation we want to generate a video, let’s see how to achieve it. We can open the file menu of the program to see the available options, but now we click on To export.

Here we find the option called Create a video, which is where we click now. In the new window that appears on the screen we have the possibility of configuring this new content through some parameters. So we specify the resolution that this file will have, we will have the possibility of including the recorded narrations or not, or set a specific time of interval between slides. Once we have the video file saved on our drive, we can transfer it to our Android device to save it and play it here.

Use a program to have the Android video

Similarly, if, for example, we already have the native PowerPoint file with the corresponding presentation, but we do not have the Microsoft application at hand, let’s see how to convert it. We have previously seen this conversion process, but using the Office application. With everything and with it we have the possibility of carrying out the same thing through an external and free program. It allows us to convert the file with the presentation into a video that later we will go to our Android device.

There are several proposals on the market, one of the best known is the free software called EM Free PowerPoint Video Converter. One of the main advantages offered by this application is the huge compatibility with video formats that offers.

In this way we only have to load the PowerPoint file and configure some parameters related to quality and slides to achieve the video in the specified format. This will allow us to convert PowerPoint to Android video without going through the Redmond solution.

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