Prevent them from entering Wi-Fi through insecure WiFi repeaters

Could they get into the Wi-Fi through the repeater?

This is an issue that worries many users. They carry out an installation in their home, they put several repeaters to have a connection anywhere, but they doubt if they are really safe. Keep in mind that wireless networks they could be exploited by intruders on multiple occasions and through different methods.

Keep in mind that today most Wi-Fi repeaters (at least the most modern ones) do not support outdated encryption, such as WEP. This gives us greater security guarantees and we can say that it is not as simple as before that a possible intruder could break the password and access the equipment.

However they may arise vulnerabilities, we can make mistakes at the user level, have a bad password, etc. All this could affect our network and allow the entry of cybercriminals who could even access other connected equipment.

It is essential that we take into account certain recommendations that can help protect Wi-Fi repeaters and similar devices. It is something that we can apply whenever we have any device connected to the network and we are interested in enhancing security and thus preserving proper operation.

Tips for keeping Wi-Fi repeaters safe

Whenever we use devices of this type, we must be aware of the importance of keep safe. But not only do you have to correctly configure this particular device, but also the router or any other that you have connected to the network. Only in this way can we avoid risks, theft of information and data, in addition to being able to serve as a gateway to reach other equipment that we have connected to the same network, either at the level of domestic use or in companies and organizations.

Use a good password

The first and most important thing is to use a good Wi-Fi key. This will be independent of whether we have Wi-Fi repeaters, Mesh systems or the router itself. Always use a password that is strong and complex enough to prevent intruders from entering.

The key must be totally random. We should never use the one that is predetermined when purchasing a router. It is important that it has letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and also other special symbols. Keep in mind that each additional character that we put in will cause security to increase exponentially.

But it is not only necessary to indicate the importance of password itself, but also the type of encryption it uses. We have mentioned that most current repeaters are not compatible with obsolete ones, but we could find some options where they are. We must use good, secure encryption, such as WPA-2 or, more recently, WPA-3. In this way we will be properly protecting security and preventing them from accessing the device.

Keep the router protected

Of course it is very important to also have the properly protected router. Our Wi-Fi repeaters will connect to this device in order to have Internet. We must have the updated firmware, a good key to access the device and avoid any bad configuration that could allow an intruder to access the network.

We should never leave the factory settings when purchasing a new router. For example we should not leave the default name that comes. This can also be applied in the case of the Wi-Fi repeater, since we could have the same problems.

Avoid using outdated devices

The modern Wi-Fi repeatersThe most recent ones also have more robust security measures. They are compatible with the strongest ciphers and prevent the entry of intruders who can take advantage of those that are older.

Therefore, it is good advice to avoid using devices that are outdated, that do not have the latest security features. Also, older computers may stop receiving updates and that would leave the door open for potential attackers.

Disable WPS

Many Wi-Fi repeaters have the option WPS. This allows devices to easily recognize the network and connect to the router. It is a very interesting method to configure it quickly and avoid having to put codes and the like. However, this has generated many problems, since there are certain vulnerabilities that can appear and put computers at risk.

Therefore, if we want to maximize security, one thing we can do is disable WPS. In this way our Wi-Fi repeater will be more protected and we will have fewer problems that can affect us.

Update firmware

We have seen on some occasions vulnerabilities that can affect Wi-Fi repeaters. These flaws could be exploited by hackers to redirect to malicious pages and even, in some cases, even turn our devices into a botnet.

We can avoid this if we keep the equipment updated. When a known failure of this type occurs, it is the manufacturers themselves who release patches to update firmware. We must always keep this importance in mind and not make it easy for potential attackers.

In short, these are some important questions that we must take into account if we use Wi-Fi repeaters. The goal is to make them work as well as possible, but also to avoid security risks that can be exploited by hackers and pose a problem for users. It is a very common type of device in our homes, which is why failures and vulnerabilities can sometimes appear that must be taken care of.

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