Prime Video changes its look, Netflix charges connections away from home, this is the recap

Prime Video is getting a more modern design, crooks are replacing restaurant payment terminals with fake ones, Netflix is ​​testing a new tax for mobile users… welcome to the recap of the day before.

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Yesterday, the news was eventful by two major changes on the side of streaming platforms. First of all, Amazon presented the brand new design of Prime Video, largely inspired by Netflix, which organizes its content much better. Speaking of Netflix, the service now charges its users in America when they connect away from home. Meanwhile, in France, a payment terminal scam is spreading.

Prime Video changes its interface after the rain of criticism

It took time for Amazon to modernize the interface of Prime Video, but it’s finally done. The firm presented the new design of its application, which is much more readable and above all well organized than the previous one. From now on, users will be able to navigate through several tabs in the sidebar which will group all the relevant content, whether paid or included or whether it is television channels. The set is very inspired by Netflix, like the Top 10 of the most popular films and series of the moment.

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Beware of these thieves who replace payment terminals

A new scam is spreading like the plague in bars and restaurants. The technique is as simple as it is extremely effective: it only takes a few seconds for the crooks to replace the payment terminal with a fake one linked to their own account and that’s it. For several days, even several weeks, the owner of the establishment will therefore pay all of his turnover to the criminals, until he realizes the deception.

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Netflix will charge for connection from another location

Netflix continues its war against account sharing by testing a new formula in Latin America. In several countries, users trying to connect from a place other than their home are asked to pay a “tax” of around 3 euros. The platform still offers the possibility of connecting for free for weeks for holidaymakers. It is not yet known whether this measure will be applied in France.

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