Print your favorite photos for less than one euro per month with the HP Instant Ink service

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t print their favorite photos because they think it’s expensive, it’s clear that you don’t know about HP Instant Ink, a fully automated home ink replenishment service with which you can print up to 10 photos a month for less than the cost of a cup of coffeeand enjoying the quality offered by original HP ink at all times.

Sounds good, right? The HP Instant Ink service has revolutionized the world of ink-based printing, and it has done so in a big way, since it has eliminated one of the great obstacles that we encountered when it came to being able to freely use our printer, ink consumption. Before the arrival of the HP Instant Ink service, the cost of printing was deeply tied to the ink we used.

Printing a lot and using color meant a high consumption of ink, and therefore very high printing costs. With HP Instant Ink Service this is a thing of the past, It no longer matters the ink you spend, only the pages you print, which means that:

  • You can print freely and with high quality without worrying about costs.
  • A color page will cost you the same as a black and white page.
  • You will be able to stabilize your costs regardless of the ink you spend. The surprises are over.
  • You will save up to 70% on ink, and you will always have original ink at home, and without shipping costs.

How many photos can I print with the HP Instant Ink service?

As many pages as your plan includes, and a full-color, high-quality photo will cost you the same as a black-and-white text document. It is one of the most important benefits of the HP Instant Ink service, and thanks to this you will be able to print your favorite photos for very little money.

Do you have a very low budget? Well don’t worry, with the HP Instant Ink service you can start printing your favorite photos from only 0.99 euros per month, that is, for less than the cost of a coffee you can give yourself, or give away, those photographs that you like so much. You no longer have to keep looking at them on your mobile or tablet screen, and you can place them in frames to decorate your home or office.

If your budget allows it, you can also choose other superior plans offered by the HP Instant Ink service, although you will not have to worry about this issue at any time, since by choosing a plan you are not tied to it permanently. You can change plans at any time, both up and down, since you do not assume any type of commitment. Ok, and what exactly does each plan include? Let’s see it in detail:

  • 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages per
    one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 3.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages per
    one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 5.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages per
    one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 11.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages
    for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 15 pages
    for one euro.

Each plan includes a specific number of pages that we can print per month for a fixed fee, and all the ink that we will need to be able to print them. In addition to this, all plans include:

  • automated orders: the printer will control the ink levels for us, and will place a new order when it detects that the cartridges are close to running out.
  • Home delivery: and without shipping costs, We will receive all the ink we need at our doorstep, which means that we will enjoy total comfort.
  • Free recycling program: We will be able to recycle all the cartridges that we spend using the postage paid envelopes included in our plan.

What if I don’t use all the pages, or if I need to print more?

If you don’t print all the pages included in your plan within a month, don’t worry, the ones you haven’t consumed will be accumulated for the next month, which means that will be added to the total pages that you have included in your plan.

Let’s see it with an example, imagine that you are registered in the printing plan of 100 pages per month, but you have only consumed 80 pages. The 20 pages you haven’t spent will carry over to the next month, which means you will have 120 pages available (the 100 of your plan and the 20 that you did not spend the previous month).

In case you need to print more you have two optionsyou can expand by buying additional page packs for an additional euro, or you can upgrade to a higher printing plan. In most cases, the most profitable option is to upgrade to a higher plan, so keep that in mind. Do you need more info? So follow this link.

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