Professional trips: the best options for business managers

The business trip many times they are not easy… delays, traffic jams, strikes or multiple stopovers mean that they often become a headache for displaced workers.

In times of pandemic, these movements were practically paralyzed and it was discovered new forms of interaction when doing business, that have translated into more remote work and more efficiency, leaving work displacement for truly necessary cases, at least during the period of health crisis.

According to a survey conducted in April by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), business travel is making a comeback both national and international. In this sense, it is expected that by the end of 2022 travel spending will be equal to 59% of spending prior to the pandemic. By the end of 2023, this percentage is estimated to increase from 59% to 79%.

The most flexible options for executive travel

For the displacement of workers and the management team of a company, there are different transport solutions, ranging from land means for the shortest (train, car, etc.) to air travel. The latter are not only reserved for long trips, but also represent a great time saver for medium journeys. For example, him Barcelona-Madrid airlift of one of the main national flight companies will offer nearly 700,000 seats in the winter season.

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Yes ok the conventional plane It represents a considerable time saving with respect to other means of transport, it is still subject to waiting times linked to boarding, billing, etc.

Nowadays, there are options to travel quickly from one point to another without wasting time and without setbacks. Among all those available, we highlight a specific means of transport that offers an easy, fast and efficient travel experience and, in addition, solves most of the aforementioned problems: private aviation.

Why choose private aviation for executive business trips?

Private aviation is the ideal means of transportation for business trips for displaced workers, managers and company directors. The strengths of a private jet trip is the combination of speed and flexibility, two key elements within the priorities of any manager.

specialized companies such as AEROAFFAIRES they offer a large fleet of aircraft and a jet reservation service in just 5 steps, as well as the possibility of taking off in less than 2 hours.

Private aviation solutions versus commercial aviation:

The main solutions offered by this type of transport are the following:

  • Possibility of taking off any day and at any time of the day and booking just a few hours in advance.
  • Possibility of landing almost in any destination and place, even in those that do not have large airports.
  • Possibility of taking off close to home, without having to resort to unnecessary stops.

Advantages of private jet business travel:

The list of advantages is endless, but below we highlight the most remarkable positive points of this tailor-made option compared to other means of collective transport.

  1. Confidentiality: A very valuable requirement for many business managers, but very rare on flights or crowded trips. Thus, they will be able to make their calls with the greatest guaranteed privacy.
  2. Time saving: Goodbye to long waits prior to flights, check-in and boarding queues, time lost on layovers,… By renting a private jet, going from point A to point B will be a breeze, and above all very fast. In addition, during the displacement, these people will be able to work as if they were in your office.
  3. Flexibility: tracing the personalized itinerary will allow a movement much more adapted to the needs of the travelers, going directly to the location of the meetings or appointments that the people in displacement have.
  4. Cost effectiveness: Many times we do not go to private aviation due to the false belief that its prices will be extremely exorbitant. However, if we start adding travel expenses to the nearest airports (usually quite far from cities), food expenses if a stopover is longer than necessary, and accommodation expenses, the final bill for a displacement can give us more than one unpleasant surprise. In addition, we all know that time is money, and the time lost by these managers represents an opportunity cost that must be added when calculating the profitability of one transport option or another.

With all this, traveling by private jet for a business trip is the ideal solution that Provides many positive points so that the directors of your company dedicate themselves to what really matters: work. The rest is taken care of by AEROAFFAIRES.

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