Project Iris, this is Google’s augmented reality glasses

We’ve been buzzing for a few months about Apple’s new augmented reality headset. And it is that those of the bitten apple want to innovate in the Metaverse with the launch of headphones (not glasses themselves) in the purest style of Virtual Reality, except that in this case they are not for that purpose, but augmented. The problem is that they are having temperature problems that have to be solved, so Google will try to pass the Cupertino team on the left with its own innovative bet.

Project Iris: the future and the Metaverse are here

Google’s bet goes much further than Apple’s, although also further temporarily speaking. It is true that the second ones suffer from delays and it is more than likely that we will not see a final product until next year (and hopefully), while those of the search engine already have an approximate date: some time in 2024.

What’s new about this AR headset? Well, basically they are not a headset as their description says, but rather a framed glasses that possibly do have integrated headphones, possibly with bone conduction. What is said is not much, but apparently it will have a Dedicated and custom SoC like the Pixel 6, which would leave a really low consumption and no need not to depend on external power by having batteries.

Android OS or not?


Not much leaked, but interesting speculation: it might not include an Android OS and include a specific one, maybe not even based on it. But then, if you have the most used OS in the world and by far it is powerful, lightweight and gets more and more polished with each version, doesn’t not using it seem like a step backwards? Well yes it seems, but there would be an explanation: remote rendering.

It seems that the SoC will not be too powerful to work in real time with all the existing information that the Metaverse gives us, so the idea would be to use the company’s large data centers to do the calculations and project them on the crystals or glasses through 5G or Wi-Fi 6 or 7.

The last thing that is known about this Project Iris is that it is armored: restricted buildings with access cards, few people involved (+-300 engineers) and a secrecy that scares. As for prices or technical data, there is no information about it, although there are rumours, and it is that a high price is estimated for them, possibly above 1000 euros, which seems cheap to us for the idea that Google wants to give to the world seen how the industry is right now.

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