Protect your email with these tools and avoid attacks

Another of its highlights is Talos, an exceptional threat intelligence that is automatically updated every three to five minutes. If you want to have your inbox secure with Cisco you can click on this link.


abnormal introduces us to an integrated cloud email security solution. Thanks to it, it will protect us from dangers such as phishing, ransomware, fraud, social engineering, identity theft of people from the company and spam.

Its way of working is based on analyzing more than 45,000 signals to detect anomalies and accurately block all spam and social engineering emails, both internal and external. It also monitors our providers for security risks by automatically identifying when our accounts have been compromised and protects our users. If you want more information about Abnormal Security click here.

FireEye Email Security

With FireEye Email Security let’s get a secure inbox against advanced email threats. In this case we refer to identity theft and selective phishing, among others.

FireEye XDR uncovers threats by correlating incident data and applying frontline intelligence and analytics. It does this by simplifying threat detection, investigation, and incident response by highlighting what’s critical. It has two editions, one is Cloud Edition in case you want to migrate your email to the cloud. The other is Server Edition in case you prefer to have it on a local or virtual server. You have all the information in this link.


Barracuda It is another of the best email managers that we can use to have a secure inbox. Among its main characteristics we find:

  • Protection against spam, malware, advanced threats, phishing, phishing, account takeover, domain fraud, and DNS filtering.
  • Offers security awareness training.
  • Protect data and ensure compliance with regulations.

Barracuda also improves the security of Office 365 and you can get information about this solution here.

Area 1 Horizon

Area 1 Horizon we can define it as a cloud-based service, it is implemented in minutes and then it is capable of stopping Phishing attacks in all traffic vectors: email, web or network.

It can also detect phishing emails and web spoofing. It also has proprietary algorithms for the correlation of attacks and the identification of emerging campaigns. If you want to see everything offered by another of the most interesting e-mail managers such as Area 1 Horizon, you can click on this link.


trustifi It is another of the solutions that we can choose to obtain a secure inbox. One-click encryption makes it easier than ever to send and open an email. In that aspect we will not need logins, portals or passwords.

We come across a unique cloud architecture and intuitively designed user experience that make email communication simple and secure. It also allows us to keep our data secure with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption and ensures that outgoing email is confidential and compliant. Complete information about Trustifi can be obtained here.


Mimecast It is another of the e-mail managers that we can use to have a secure inbox. Thanks to this solution, employee communication is protected and risk is reduced with protection against specific threats.

It also protects against phishing attacks, internal email threats and data hijacking. That without forgetting that it defends us from Spam, malware, ransomware and Phishing attacks. To finish you have all the Mimecast features on its official website.

Lastly, you may be interested in learning how to differentiate whether an email is official or a Phishing attack.

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