Protect your floor in style with the Sharkoon Skiller SFM11 mat

The gaming chairs They are very comfortable, and their ergonomics allow us to adjust them to our needs so that we can be using them for hours without suffering pain or fatigue. The problem is that they are quite heavy elements, and since they have wheels and it is inevitable to move while we use them, they can damage the floor if it is delicate, or even if you have ceramic floor, they can slip too much and make a lot of noise. The solution is to have a floor protector, but if you want this to add a touch of design to your room, then Sharkoon gaming chair mats may be an optimal solution for you.

Sharkoon Skiller SFM11, available in four different designs

Sharkoon Skiller SFM11
Available versions Sharkoon Skiller SFM11Gaming Area, Hex, Retro, Cube
Measures Sharkoon Skiller SFM11Circular, diameter 120 cm
Surface Sharkoon Skiller SFM11Polyester
Base Sharkoon Skiller SFM11Anti slip rubber
Price Sharkoon Skiller SFM1134.99 euros

Instead of having a simple rectangular-shaped floor protector, what Sharkoon proposes with this Skiller SFM11 family is to protect the floor with style, with four different versions. On the one hand we have the design «Gaming Area»That mimics the surfer design of the 60s with soft pastel colors. Design “Hex»Emulates a hyper realistic 3D depth effect, while the design«Retro»Imitates a city from the 80s. Finally, we have the design«Cubes»With the brand’s name in three-color cubes.

All models are actually oversized mouse pads, as they are made from the same materials: fabric (polyester) in the upper area, which is the one that gives them the colors and the motifs and which is sewn on all the edges, and rubber (natural rubber) anti-slip on the base so that the mat does not move from its place even if you are constantly moving your gaming chair. Also, as it has 5mm thick It will protect the floor no matter how much weight you put on it.

Those 5 millimeters thick not only provide a soft surface on which to move the chair without damaging the floor, but also act as a silencer element that significantly reduces noise when moving the chair, something that users with hard floors (ceramic, stoneware) in your room will be very appreciated. In addition, these floor mats are made with high quality and very resistant materials, together with their sewn edges that prevent fraying so, according to the manufacturer, you can use them for years without problems.

Price and availability

Sharkoon floor mats

The manufacturer says that all four models of the Sharkoon Skiller SFM11 gaming chair mat are now available at a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of 34.99 euros, although we have not found them listed yet. You already know how this works: the manufacturer says that they are already available because they have already sent the product to the suppliers, but it will still take a few days to list them so that users can buy them.

In any case, it is quite likely that this week we will already see them in the usual stores where the manufacturer sells, including Amazon Spain.

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