Protect your Internet connection with these tips

Today, having a good Internet connection to be able to use our computer, smartphone, or Smart TV is essential for us. The first thing we have to do is find an Internet provider that suits our needs. In that aspect we must assess both the price and the connection speed. Once we have selected the one that interests us the most, it is time to review the network equipment that we have been given. For this reason, to be sure, we must make a series of modifications. In this article we are going to talk about how to secure our broadband connection so that we do not have security problems.

Once we have installed our broadband connection, probably fiber optic, it is time to secure our connection to protect it from intruders. Then comes the time when we must strengthen our security parameters.

Change the password to access the router

One of the first things we must do when we have a new router is to change its access code. Sometimes it should be noted that they are generic, type 1234 or admin. Therefore, an intruder who already had access to the device knowing the exact model and performing an Internet search would already know the key. Thus, it could access the router settings, change the settings and compromise our security and the security of all the devices that are already connected.

In that regard, we need our router has a strong password different from the default. This way we are adding extra security and we will prevent anyone from entering. Here you have explained how to change the password of the router.

Configure Wi-Fi Router Securely

Taking advantage of the fact that we already know how to enter the router configuration, we must put our sights on Wi-Fi. Here we should review three aspects to ensure our Wi-Fi connection:

  1. The SSID or name of our Wi-Fi network. Here it should be noted that it should be changed for several reasons. For example, because it usually indicates your Internet provider/router manufacturer in an easy way, without having to look at the WiFi MAC. In this aspect, it can give clues about the model we are using and if there are vulnerabilities, they could try to take advantage of them.
  2. Set a Wi-Fi strong password. In this case, it must contain at least 12 characters that include uppercase, lowercase, and special symbols.
  3. Check the security encryption that you have set. Check that we are not using outdated ciphers like WEP or WPA. At a minimum we should use WPA2 and if we have it available, WPA3.
  4. Always disable WPS protocolnot even use it with the physical button to reduce the exposure time.

Once these changes are made, your smartphones, computers, and other devices will need to be set up again. In the hypothetical case that you had an intruder in your wireless network, they would no longer be able to enter your Wi-Fi network.

Also as a curiosity so that our Wi-Fi is not stolen, we can try to limit our wireless signal to be within range, so that it reaches as little as possible outside our home or office. So if we have enough coverage and all our devices support the 5GHz band, we could disconnect the 2.4GHz band, which is the one that best supports the distance. Also, another factor that can reduce the distance is how we place the router and its antennas. On the other hand, we would also have the possibility of using anti Wi-Fi paint on the bordering walls of our house.

The firewall and passwords to secure our connection

It is also very important how we have configured the Windows firewall. This is a very important line of defense that acts as a barrier between us and unauthorized users to protect our network. We have to combine this with a operating system with the latest security patches installed and a updated antivirus software to secure our connection and protect it from cybercriminals.

We also have to protect our internet connection from hackers and data leaks. For that reason, in addition to keep strong passwords As we have mentioned before, it is also convenient to change them frequently and not reuse them. Finally, in this aspect also to ensure our Internet connection if it is available we must enable multi-factor authentication.

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