QNAP launches a new rack NAS, meet the new TS-h1090FU

The popular NAS server manufacturer QNAP has launched today a new server model that is aimed at providing the maximum possible performance, since we can install U.2 NVMe SSD units so that the speed of reading, writing and access random is great. The new NAS is the TS-h1090FU, a device with a really powerful processor, RAM expansion possibilities and network-level configuration that is super fast. Do you want to know everything that this new equipment with rack format is capable of providing?

Main features

This new family is aimed at small office and business environments where access, reading and writing speed is critical, such as photo or video editing companies, since they will be able to edit directly from the server through the local network, and it is that it will be much faster than the SSD storage of the computer in question, in addition, it will have less workload on the computer if we use everything at the network level.

Processor and RAM

This family of ultra-high-performance NAS servers consists of two models, with different processors. Depending on our hardware needs, we can buy one model or another to have the best processor or a somewhat inferior one. The processors included in this new device are:

  • AMD EPYC-7302P: This processor has a total of 16 cores and 32 threads, with a speed of 3.0GHz but can go up to 3.3GHz in turbo mode.
  • AMD EPYC 7232P: This processor has a total of 8 cores and 16 threads, with a speed of up to 3.1GHz but it can go up to 3.2GHz.

As you can see, both processors are really powerful, in fact, on the popular website we can see that the first one has a score of 32,500 points and the second one has a score of 17,000, both results are excellent, although Logically, the difference between the two processors is quite large.

Refering to RAM of this server, the model that is sold with the AMD EPYC 7302P processor has 128GB of RAM or 256GB of RAM, the model that is sold with the AMD EPYC 7232P is sold with 64GB of RAM. In any of the models we will be able to install a RAM memory capacity of 1TB in a 12 x 128GB RDIMM DDR4 ECC configuration. Of course, this model has a 5GB capacity FLASH memory for storage of the dual boot operating system.

drive bays

The most important thing about this new family of servers is storage. In this case we have a total of 10 bays to house U.2 NVMe SSD units, although it is also compatible with a SATA3 interface at 6Gbps, so we could install normal SATA3 SSD units that are also very fast, although logically not as fast as the U.2 NVMe drives we can buy today. Regarding the speed of the U.2 units, they are NVMe Gen 4 x4, so we will have the maximum possible reading and writing performance.

This server allows you to change the disks hot, it also allows us to configure the storage set with all SSD, activate the SSD cache acceleration and even the Qtier in case we want. This team is oriented to use all flash with SSD drives, with the aim of always having the best possible performance in any circumstance.


These new devices have a really impressive network level configuration, specifically, we have the following network level connectivity:

  • 2 2.5G Multigigabit ports, these two ports support Jumbo Frames at 9K.
  • 2 ports 25G with SFP28, these two ports support Jumbo Frames at 9K.

Thanks to the two 25G ports, we are going to be able to make the most of the internal storage of the equipment, however, in order to take advantage of it, it is absolutely necessary that you have a switch with 25G ports, like this:

Of course, it is also absolutely necessary to purchase the corresponding cables with SFP28 ports.

Other features

This new equipment has a 1U rack format, so it will take up very little space in the rack. The dimensions of this server are 44 x 430 x 580mm, so it’s not too deep either. The net weight is 10Kg, to this we must add the weight of the expansion cards that we have and also the SSD units. This equipment has a total of 5 60mm fans to extract hot air from inside the server. All models have two 550W power supplies, with a typical consumption of 160W, a somewhat high consumption but we must take into account the power of its main processor. Thanks to these two sources, we will have power redundancy, ideal in case we have a power cut in one of them.

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