Using the cloud: don’t make these basic mistakes

We have many options to share files with other users. We can use a pendrive or hard drive, send by email, connect computers in a network … But we can also simply use a cloud service, host the content there and allow someone else to download it from anywhere. Now, we must bear in mind that we must not make mistakes. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to show the main security errors when using the cloud.

Security errors when using the cloud

Whenever we use any service on the Internet we must avoid running security risks. But this is even more important when we are hosting content that can be sensitive, such as text files, images, company documents … The cloud is used for all this, so we must avoid basic errors and thus reduce the risk of problems.

Use unknown services

The first mistake is to use cloud services that are unknown, which do not have real guarantees. For example, they can be free pages that we see on the Internet where they allow us to upload files without any type of registration and share them with third parties. Do they really offer guarantees?

We must always make sure that it works well, read comments on the Internet and analyze a little that page or that application that we are going to use. The best thing is to always trust the most popular services, which clearly show how you are going to manage our data and thus reduce risk.

Failure to protect accounts and files

Another very common failure is no adequately protect accounts that we create. This, indirectly, will expose the files in case an intruder gets to enter and read all the content that we have stored in the cloud.

To protect accounts, the main thing is to create a password that is strong and complex. It is the main security barrier and what will keep intruders out. But also, whenever possible, it is advisable to activate two-step authentication. An extra wall to prevent any unwanted intrusion.

Cloud versus network security

Having outdated and unsafe equipment

On the other hand, it is equally a mistake to use devices and systems that are not properly protected. For example, a computer that does not have antivirus or that does not have the operating system updated with the latest version.

It is convenient whenever we use the cloud to have a good antivirus. For example Windows Defender, Avast, Bitdefender … In case we download any files, they can prevent the entry of viruses. In addition, by having the systems updated we can correct possible vulnerabilities.

Make the files available to anyone

One more mistake is uploading files to the cloud and making them open to anyone. Usually the more secure platforms storage will allow you to select who can access that content and, therefore, limit it to the rest that could reach a link.

This advice is especially important if we are going to host sensitive content and that we do not want it to end up in the wrong hands. It is better to configure it properly and that it can only be seen by the user for whom it is really intended.

Ultimately, these are some basic security mistakes that many users make when using the cloud and sharing files. It is convenient to review them and take into account the importance of maintaining protection at all times.

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