Rainbow Six Extraction: confirmed the release date of the game (which comes at a reduced price)

With the release of a new trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft has confirmed the release date of the game also unveiling a cut in the purchase price.

The spin-off of Rainbow Six Siege, born from a PvE event that then turned into a game in its own right, will hit shelves around the world on January 20, 2022 for โ‚ฌ 39.99.

Cross-play, cross-progression, the special Buddy Pass for Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction supports the cross-play and implements the so-called cross-progression, that is, the ability to transfer saves and progress made in the game from one platform to another.

Ubisoft’s new title will also include a Buddy Pass which will make it free for two of your friends so that you can immediately take advantage of the multiplayer. It is two invitation token which will allow two people to play R6E for two full weeks without having to purchase the game outright.

After this period, if a player decides they want to purchase the game, all accumulated progress will be saved and carried over.

With the price cut and the Buddy Pass Ubisoft will therefore try to guarantee the presence of a consistent number of players immediately once Extraction is available.

At the end of the article we remind you, therefore, that the game will debut on January 20, 2022 on PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Stadia, Luna and on PC (via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store).

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