Studio Supernova will present two new games in Essen 2021

Supernova Studio announced that it will present, at the next fair in Essen Spiel 2021, two new table games originals.

It is about Dreamember And A Dance of Spiders, which will immediately become part of the Supernova catalog.

Let’s take a closer look at these two new arrivals from the young but already very renowned publishing house that brought us titles like Nidavellir and The King is Dead.

New board games from Studio Supernova for Essen 2021

Dreamember is a game by Ignazio Panades, in the original edition by Studio Supernova. We are talking about a title for 2 to 6 players, which takes about twenty minutes per game.

Each player has a hand of cards, which he must get rid of completely to be declared winner. To play them, he has to put them on the table by gradually adding letters to the dream word. But you can “bluff”, so you can get rid of cards without actually knowing the word; it will be up to the other players to put the brakes on.

The other novelty is called A Dream of Spiders, and it is a new title in the Borsastratti series by XV Games / Studio Supernova.

We are facing a reworking of L-Rect’s Yasuke Sato; 1vs1 title for about ten minutes, the game consists of programming movement on a spider’s web that is gradually shrinking. The first spider, or player, to be unable to move will be defeated.

The two new board games by Studio Supernova will be available for trial and purchase already at the Essen fair, while on the Italian market we will find them starting from October 16th.

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