Raspberry Pi suffers the first price increase, but it is still just as recommended

Raspberry Pi 4 will go up in price to $ 45 from the current $ 35. Its the first time that the price of the development that leads the single-board computer segment has risen since the British Foundation launched its first version in 2012. It can be programmed well to run programs, and play games, even like games available at kasyno minimalny depozyt 10 zł.

The coronavirus pandemic caused factory closures and panic purchase orders by large companies to try to secure enough components to create their products. The increase in the demand for technology due to the need for infrastructure for confinement and lower production, has caused a price increase and a global shortage of semiconductors as it was not remembered. To all this must be added the price increase in large means of transport such as maritime.

“Global supply chains are in a state of flux as we (hopefully) emerge from the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic”, they explain from the Foundation to motivate a price change that in any case will be temporary. In Raspberry Pi they are not immune to a problem that extends to any market that needs a simple chip to work. As an example, we have already told you about the situation of dedicated graphics cards. And so we will be one more year until the situation stabilizes. There is concern about the inventory that will be available for Black Friday and the Christmas campaign, the most important of the year.

How are the prices of Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 with 2 GB is the only model that goes up in price, from $ 35 to $ 45. It was precisely the version chosen in 2020 for a cost reduction on the occasion of the celebration of the eighth anniversary of the launch of the original.

The Raspberry Pi 4 with 1 GB, currently discontinued, will return to the market with a price of 35 dollars and with a focus on industrial customers who buy massively and are more sensitive to the increase in price.

The Foundation will also prioritize the production of other models such as Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3+ and the Raspberry Pi 3B, although they recommend migration to version 4 with higher performance and manufactured in more advanced processes easier to produce. Despite these changes to try to weather the storm, Raspberry Pi won’t be able to meet all the demand and will sell only seven million units.

Raspberry Pi 4

The truth is that an additional $ 10 is not too much considering that this is a temporary measure and the situation in other industries. Some massive buyers may notice, but the truth is that the Raspberry Pi 4 It is a real gem for 35 or 45 dollars and we recommend it especially for multiple projects.

Or buy outright the 4- or 8-Gbyte versions of memory that keep their price ($ 55 and $ 70, respectively) and offer the most potential of this (great) solution that has powered a slew of similar single-board computer solutions.

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