Revue already has a button to subscribe on Twitter: everything you need to know

What is Revue

The first, Revue is a newsletter service with many characteristics in common with other proposals, but also with some differences that are what made Twitter and many users interested in it instead of available alternatives. So let’s look at all of this.

As we have said, with Revue you can create a newsletter to which all those users who want it can subscribe. They simply have to leave their data, including the email address where they want to receive it, and that’s it. When new content is published they will have it at the scheduled time in your inbox.

So far little or nothing new, because there are already many similar services that exist and that, in addition, offer other tools as a platform, the possibility of analyzing interactions, the number of times a link is clicked, reach, reading time, etc. Each and every one of the statistical data that is usually offered.

However, what makes Revue interesting and what Twitter acquired the company was the ability to create paid newsletters. That is, to access its content not only is it enough to leave your personal data such as name, surname and email address (the latter is essential), you will also have to pay an amount that the creator himself decides based on how he values ​​his content.

How to make money with Revue

The possibility of earn money with Revue It is one of the main reasons why Twitter acquired the company at the end of January of this year 2021. Because, contrary to what has to be done with other platforms, here it is much easier to start monetizing the content.

To earn money with Revue, all you have to do is basically activate the option within your settings and set the amount you want to charge. Of that amount, you should know that the 5% of revenue they go for the service. A more than justified percentage if you take into account everything that the platform offers for free, including statistical data that helps you give more context to your potential sponsors or advertisers.

Revue and Twitter integration

How does Twitter integrate with Revue? What about the rest of the newsletter platforms? Let’s see, one by one and we start with the first of all, which is the most basic and the one that possibly interests you the most.

Revue’s integration with Twitter is basically supported by the inclusion of a button to subscribe that now will appear on the Twitter profile of said user. This may seem silly for sure that will make other Twitter users subscribe much faster than by classic methods such as going to a web form.

So, the first part answers the second question. Nothing really will happen to the rest of the newsletter platforms and whoever created a newsletter in Substacks, for example, will still be there. Because you could post a tweet with the link to subscribe as usual or add it to your bio. But it must be admitted that the other option will be more comfortable for many users.

How to create a newsletter in Revue

The very action of create a newsletter in Revue and that it integrates with Twitter, to have that button on the profile, is no mystery. So we tell you the steps quickly so that you see everything neat and clear:

  1. The first thing is to go to the Revue website
  2. Hit the button to start creating your Newsletter and log in with your Twitter user or through email
  3. If you start with Twitter, you will not have to do anything else later to make it appear on your profile. If not, you will have to configure your username to be able to enjoy the integration
  4. Ready, after naming it, you will directly appear in the editor so that you can create your first newsletter and for them you have different tools with which to add headlines, texts, links or multimedia files
  5. In addition to Twitter, you can also take advantage of the integration with other platforms to share or access content with which to develop your newsletter

As you can see, the use of the platform is so simple that anyone can have their newsletter in a matter of minutes. In addition, the simplicity of the editor makes you dedicate yourself to thinking about what you share and not so much in the design and visual section. Which may be important to you, but if so there are other options.

The future newsletter business

Create newsletter

During the last year, maybe something else, there has been a significant growth in the use of newsletter or newsletters. Not surprisingly, one of the companies that has generated the most noise has been Substacks.

This platform has managed to attract the attention of millions of users to publish their newsletter there. Something that could already be done through different platforms such as Mailchimp or Mailer among others, but one of the attractive points of Substacks was the possibility of easily monetizing the work, without the need to integrate possible payment gateways or use of other platforms such as Patreon .

Revue was part of that new batch of newsletter-centric services, so Twitter didn’t want to miss out. opportunity to enhance your platform with the inclusion of a service with such a future. Especially knowing that many of its users use the network to advertise their newsletter and increase reach.

So, offering the possibility of creating newsletters easily and being able to monetize them also quickly, they ensured a possible way of income that in the future could be very important. In addition, seeing as there is more and more information excess, being able to control it through the newsletter is something quite attractive for many and it will be more and more every day.

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