Reasons why you should protect your home WiFi network correctly

Wi-Fi security is key

Protecting Wi-Fi is something that we must always take it into account, but the truth is that many users overlook it. For example, they do not create a good password, they do not have the router updated or they do not take real measures to prevent the entry of intruders in the network. Let’s see what could happen if you have it unprotected.

Avoid speed problems

The first reason to protect Wi-Fi security is to avoid problems of speed. If you have your wireless network unprotected, that means you may experience problems. You can see that your connection is not going as fast as you would like or even the annoying cuts appear and you cannot navigate properly.

Without a doubt, speed is a key factor and we always want it to be the best. If there are intruders on a network, that will affect the bandwidth and will inevitably slow down the connection. We may notice it more or less, since it will depend on the contracted bandwidth and the number of intruders, but in one way or another it will affect us.

Protect other devices

It is also key to protecting other devices that are connected to that network. If an intruder has access to the router, to the Wi-Fi network, he could access other devices that we have connected. For example a television, a computer or any device of what is known as the Internet of Things.

They could take advantage of vulnerabilities that may exist in those computers and manage to steal personal data, passwords or control the devices. They could even include them in a botnet, something that will undoubtedly affect performance.

Avoid legal problems

Of course, another reason for wanting to protect your wireless network connection as much as possible is to avoid legal issues. Think of an intruder using your Wi-Fi to carry out any illegal act on the Internet. It will be using your IP address, so the person responsible will be the person to whom that address corresponds, that router in short.

This makes it essential to always put a good password on the wireless network. That will keep out hackers or any intruder who wants to enter your network for bad purposes. You will make it work better, but you will also avoid possible legal problems.

Preserve the functioning of the devices

Yet another reason is to avoid problems on other devices. Even the router itself, if an intruder manages to access the configuration could seriously affect performance and even reach change certain parameters shorten the life of the appliance and start to go bad.

The same could happen on any other device that you have connected to the network and to which that intruder may have access. It will inevitably cause performance to drop, but it could also seriously affect your hardware components.

In short, as you have seen, it is essential to avoid intruders in the Wi-Fi router and thus make it work as well as possible, without performance problems appearing. This will help you to achieve good speed and also prevent it from affecting other devices that may be connected to that local network.

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