Surely you have made this mistake and they could steal your passwords

In order to protect devices and any account on the Internet, passwords are essential. They are, without a doubt, a fundamental security barrier. However, it is common to make mistakes that will prevent us from protecting them correctly. In this article we are going to talk about one that can be quite common. We are going to tell you why it is essential that you avoid it, since you could be exposing all your accounts on the network and have intruders without knowing.

The goal is to achieve a greater protection and that passwords are always secure. Avoiding risks, reducing the probability of having intruders, is going to be key to not having problems in the short and long term. It’s up to you, as long as you follow a series of clear guidelines to increase security.

outdated apps

The error consists of using applications that you have installed for a long time, but that you do not use. For example, it can be a social network, a browser where you are going to enter a website to log in, etc. That software may be outdated. You haven’t used it for a long time and you probably received updates you haven’t installed.

This happens a lot when you have time without using a device. For example, you may turn on an old mobile, a Tablet that you have forgotten or a computer that you haven’t turned on for a long time. They may have programs that are insecure, even though they were completely trustworthy before. This will happen if vulnerabilities have appeared and have not been fixed.

What can happen? An attacker could take advantage of those failures to steal your passwords. When you log in, all that information will be exposed. An attacker will be able to take control of the account and come to control it without you realizing it. It could impersonate your identity, attack third parties, etc.

Any application can have vulnerabilities. However, those where you are going to manage personal data are where you should take more precautions. Social networks, messaging programs, bank accounts, email… This is where you should be more careful and not use old, obsolete applications that you have not updated.

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Avoid risks

Avoiding this problem is very simple. Enough with always have everything updated. It is important to have the latest version of the operating system, such as Windows or Android, but also of any program that you are going to use. Do not use applications that you suspect may be outdated.

If you are going to turn on a computer or mobile phone after a long time, before entering any data or logging in, you should update everything. This can take time as there may be a lot of outdated apps and the download is slow. Take your time and do not log in until you verify that you have everything well prepared.

However, beyond having everything updated, it is also convenient that you have a good security program. An antivirus will help you prevent the entry of malware and many threats. Also, common sense is essential so as not to fall into the trap and click on some fraudulent link.

In short, as you can see, it is important that you avoid using applications that are not updated. That can be a problem for your security and they will use it against you to steal passwords. Avoid risks and always make sure you have the latest versions before logging in or entering data. You can always use Have I Been Pwned to see if any keys have been stolen.

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