Remote Desktop Control: Guide to the Best Solution

  • A system to limit the number of passwords that can be entered. If an attacker is able to get hold of our ID, it is absolutely necessary for the software itself to implement a system to prevent multiple login attempts, and thus avoid brute force or dictionary attacks on the access password.
  • AES-256 encryption point by point. It is essential that all data traffic is encrypted, from our PC to the remote PC that we are controlling, in order to provide confidentiality, data integrity and authenticity.
  • Remote ID Whitelist. This aspect is very interesting: there are programs that allow us to create a white list of IDs, only the IDs that are in this list will be able to access our computer remotely, in this way, we will be greatly reducing the attack surface.

Technical flexibility

Another very important feature of this type of program is that it allows us to perform unlimited installations on computers or PCsIn this way, the same program can be installed on multiple computers belonging to family, friends or directly in the company, with the aim of being able to control these PCs and provide remote technical support.

It is also essential to facilitate remote connections to the technical service, for this reason, it is very important to use programs that use reverse connections using your Cloud. This functionality will allow us not having to open ports on the router, we will not have to open ports in the firewall or perform any complicated configuration. We will simply have to install the program on our PC with administrator privileges, share the ID and access password, in this simple way they will be able to access our PC remotely.

In the event that you are going to remotely control a PC very continuously, it is important put the program as a service with unattended access. In this way, when the computer starts up, this program will also start and we will be able to control it remotely. For example, with SupremeWhether you have the paid version or the free version, the program allows you to connect to the remote station at any time even if there is no one in front of the far computer.

It is also very important for technical support people to have a address book to be able to quickly connect to the different PCs. Through the library, we can also see reports of who has connected, how long and at what time, in addition to monitoring the connection.

Chat, file transfer and remote printing

Other requirements that we consider very important for a remote desktop control program are the ability to chat with the person on the other side of the screen, while we control their PC, in this way, we can tell them what we are doing, or warn them that we are going to restart the computer to apply the changes. Of course, the possibility of transfer files Between our computer and the remote one that we are controlling, it is essential in case we need to pass you a document, a program to automate certain actions or any file that we need to provide adequate technical support.

Send TFTP files

The possibility of controlling a computer remotely and being able to print to a local printer is another quite interesting feature. It is one of the great novelties recently introduced in SupRemo. Thanks to this possibility, we will be able to quickly print the documents, without having to download the file from the remote PC to ours, open it with an editor and later print it, it is much faster to do it with the remote printing.

Other functions that we must take into account

If we are a company that provides technical support to home users and even other companies, having a customizable interface with the company logo is quite interesting. There are programs that allow us to put the company logo so that remote users can see which company is giving them technical support. It is also very important how the purchase of licenses is managed, if we have annual or quarterly plans, and even if we want to buy additional configuration options. For home users it is very important to have a free version for non-commercial use, or at least one that is priced competitively enough to purchase a paid license.


As you have seen, we have many requirements to choose the perfect remote desktop control program for our needs. There are currently many options on the market, some with more configuration options and others with fewer options, some more expensive and others cheaper. Among the most recommended options, SupRemo is one of the remote control programs that best suits the needs of consumers and also their pockets.

Although most users are familiar with Teamviewer as a remote control tool, SupRemo is definitely a very powerful and much more affordable alternative. It offers all the functions that both home users and businesses need, without an excessive price. Plus, it’s easy to take anywhere and doesn’t require any installation, which can be a limitation for less experienced users.

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