RTX 40 graphics cards could be presented in just 2 months

It seems that everything is going on the run and the whys and wherefores are not really understood, at least in principle. But if the source of the information is true, we are facing a curious launch moment, mainly because it goes against the brand itself and its AIB, but at the same time it would be a smart launch.

NVIDIA RTX 40, the launch could arrive as early as July

The filtering is not specific as it usually happens most of the time, but it does leave a very limited time GAP: early Q3 this year, that is to say between July and August, more shooting to the first it seems. This means that we are just two months away from the presentation of the architecture and graphics cards, where their launch could be at early Q4 as revealed by another leaker.

— kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi) August 26, 2021

Now that we know the approximate dates, we must investigate the causes. The first has to do with NVIDIA’s own times, since the RTX 30 series has not had important refreshments as such, but the series has been filled with Titanium annex models such as the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3090 Ti. Therefore, NVIDIA’s internal roadmap counts from the former and not from the latter. (Valium)

Second, TSMC seems to have a good production of the node 4N for NVIDIA and hence the RTX 40 have a limited date, which we remember is exclusive to Huang and is already integrated into the H100 chips for its HPC Hopper GPUs. That said, there are three more arguments that may be valid and to consider.

Intel and AMD on stage along with Nintendo

The third argument for advancing the launch a few months is Intel. The blues have not released their ARC GPUs for desktop because they argue driver problems, but it really seems more like a delay to launch at the right time, perhaps aware of the internal plans of NVIDIA and AMD.

For this reason, the RTX 40 could seize the moment and leave Intel with a range of graphics cards that would be more than obsolete to begin with and would compete for the low end with the new Ada Lovelace, forcing Pat Gelsinger’s to put more adjusted prices.

AMD vs. Intel vs. NVIDIA

If we look at the opposite side we have AMD and the fourth argument. It seems that NVIDIA knows that AMD has also tightened the accelerator and that its GPUs are possibly not only competitive, but also could even be faster. Launching the RTX 40 earlier would take away sales from its rival for those who are fans of the green team and only users who want to wait until they have all the cards on the table will be able to decide wisely.

The last and fifth argument has to do with Nintendo. There is speculation of a new SoC for Switch that could include Grace + Ada Lovelace and thus compete with the Steam Deck and AYANEO 2, perhaps at a price less than or equal to these but with more power to their credit. That said, what about leftover RTX 30 stock? Well, this is not really a NVIDIA thing, but the manufacturers, the market and the speculation of the miners.

The problem of the stores with the stock of the RTX 30

The chips for the RTX 30 were discontinued at the beginning of the year, so those that are coming out of NVIDIA are the last remaining tails and since the stock is very high all over the world thanks to the increase in production of this 2022 , Are the stores and retailers those who now have the hot potato to sell them and not the company itself or its AIBs.

It is also true that one thing is the presentation and another the launch. It could take 2 or 3 months until it reaches the stores, so we would talk about almost half a year to empty stock on shelves, but with the second-hand market full of GPUs and the RTX 40 release date in mind, who would buy the RTX 30 at MSRP? Really, either they lower prices with more than interesting offers and lose money, or the returns and the stock that they are going to have to eat will be much worse than in the case of the RTX 20.

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