Safari is the second most used browser in the world and moves away from Microsoft Edge

One more month Google Chrome remains the most used browser worldwide, according to data from the report for May 2023 just shared by Statcounter. Nothing new under the sun, but we got a huge surprise when we discovered that Safari has reconfirmed its position as the second most used browser, and that it has increased its advantage over Microsoft Edge.

Look at the attached graph, it includes the five most used browsers in the world on desktop PCs, that is, it does not refer to the mobile sector, a market where it would be more understandable if Safari had enormous weight due to the popularity of the iPhone . Google Chrome closed the month of May with a share of 66.02%, which represents a rise of 0.2 points compared to the previous month.

For his part, Safari reached a 12.79% share, representing an increase of 0.9 points, while Microsoft Edge fell 0.98 points, putting it at a 9.91% share. After these last moves, the distance between the two browsers has grown a bit larger, and it seems that Redmond’s have it increasingly difficult to regain second place in the ranking of most used browsers.

The fourth place is occupied by Firefox, which has registered a slight fall (-0.31%) and remains with a 5.59% share. The top five is closed by Opera, whose market share has risen to 4.02% after the last rise of 0.9 points that you have registered. The graph is very clear in general terms, and shows that Safari and Opera have been the big winners of the month of greatest growth, because they have been the ones that have registered the greatest growth.

Inside of the smartphone market There are important movements that we can see reflected in the second chart. Google Chrome is still the most used browser, but it drags a significant drop from its maximum peak in the month of February. In May it closed with another drop of 0.67 points, which brought it to a total share of 61.09%. Safari is the second most used browser and grew 0.81 points, which took it up to a 27.81% share.

In third position is the samsung browser, which achieved a rise of 0.14 points and closed May with a share of 4.97%. Opera closed with 1.8% and a slight fall of 0.09 points and UC Browser, which obtained 1.54% (fell 0.17 points). Personally, I use Google Chrome on PC and Safari on smartphone, and you?

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