Samsung expects record profit in Q4 2021

Samsung has made public its forecasts of revenue and profit for the fourth quarter of 2021, period in which you expect to have obtained record profits: about $ 11.4 billion. This is a figure that would represent a year-on-year increase of more than 52%. The South Korean has also confirmed that it expects income for the period of about 63,000 million dollars, an increase of 23% compared to the same period of 2020.

For now, Samsung has not stated what has affected its results for good. Nonetheless, Samsung has seen a strong boost in demand for its chips from other manufacturers. These, in turn pressured by the number of people who have had to renew and acquire equipment, have also grown in orders, so they have had to increase their demand for processors and other components at a time when the sector is also going through a noticeable chip shortage.

Also, in recent months, Samsung’s chip division has seen strong momentum of orders by data centers, since their capacity and number of servers has also had to increase due to the growth of the cloud as a means and vehicle for many companies to continue operating, thanks to the transition of their activities and storage to cloud spaces .

This has made Samsung foresee results with figures that will be around what was stated. The final results will not be known until the end of this month, when the company will communicate the final results obtained during the period. The company recalled that the data offered as a forecast includes a special bonus paid once to employees, and that South Korean regulations regarding forecasts do not allow the estimates to be communicated as a range. For this reason, Samsung has offered data that represent the median of the estimated ranges.

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