Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Kaffir Proof

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is, without a doubt, Samsung’s top of the range when it comes to tabletsbut also one of the models with the largest size and features on the market today, to the point of being one of the few capable of standing up to the almighty iPad Pro. I have already commented on occasion that I highly value the firm commitment of Samsung for high-end tablets with Android and today, with this video, we will see that its resistance is up to its performance.

It is possible that this approach is familiar to you, and it is that a few weeks ago we saw how a poor Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra underwent a torture a similar test. The result in that case, as we already told you, it was really positivebecause after going through a table of pain a test bench, the smartphone resisted very worthily, showing that it is capable of withstanding a high degree of suffering. So, it was to be expected that, sooner or later, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra would have to face a similar challenge, to see if it shares robustness with its little brother.

Well, the wait is over, JerryRigEverything has published, on his YouTube channel, how he has subjected the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra to a, let’s call it a testing protocol, in which the tablet faces extreme physical challenges without moving too far from the table. That is to say, we are not talking about big falls, diving into deep water or anything like that, what we see in the video is the damage that a person can cause with their hands and a couple of tools.

As I did on the other occasion, if you are a lover of technology and, especially, of Samsung devices, I recommend that you watch this video with one eye open and the other closed. And yes, we can say without a doubt, that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra passes the test with flying colors. Obviously it suffers damage, because the tests are extreme, but even after finishing the battery of them, the tablet continued to work normally.

For example, we see that when using the cutter, some surfaces were affected, although it should be noted that the damage is purely cosmetic. However, the attacks on the screen and cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra failed to cause damage that affected the operation of said components. Even the biometric identification system located on the screen continued to work perfectly.

In the resistance test of the S-Pen, we see that its casing breaks, but it seems important to me to emphasize that, even so, and as we can see almost at the end of the video, continues to function normally. Thus, for a device made of these materials, its durability is well above what might be expected.

The biggest damage from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tests was, of course, the screen, and I mean the cigarette lighter test. However, it is important to clarify that the objective of this test is not to check if the tablet is fireproof, something that only the rugged models actually offer. The key to this test is to check whether, despite damage, the screen still works fineand at this point the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also passed with flying colors.

And the evaluation concludes with the torsion test, a test that tries to determine if a person can, using all possible force, split the device in half or if, when trying, and even if they do not succeed, creaking or similar sounds, indicating that some component has broken. Another proof that the tablet tHe also overcame not without splitting, but without making a single sound of the ones I have mentioned.

Thus, and after the proof, we can state that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a cash-proof tabletbut also scratches from keys, cigarettes that accidentally fall on your screen and many other challenges that, without being so extreme, but that we can relate to the tests we have seen.

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