Samsung Introduces Industry’s First LPDDR5X Memory

LPDDR5X memory will be the next generation of mobile DRAM and will hit the market in 2022 as an optional extension of the general LPDDR5 standard, on which improves performance, consumption, capacity aspects and flexibility of use in consumer devices such as smart phones or wearables and high-speed data service applications in the automotive sector, virtual / augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence and that ‘metaverse’ that we are going to have even in the soup once announced by Facebook .

Samsung’s LPDDR5X memory is the first ever announced by the industry. It will be manufactured taking advantage of 14nm DRAM process technology and offer data throughput speeds of up to 8.5 gigabits per second (Gbps). Significantly faster than the 6.4 Gbps of the LPDDR5 standard, which as you know is the low voltage variant (Low Power Double Data Rate) of the new generation of memories.

Although they are less exciting than the DDR5 that have just been released in PCs with the launch of Intel Alder Lake-S processors, they represent a new advance for the important section of memories. Samsung says that its development will consume 20% less energy than LPDDR5 and the increase in density will allow it to include up to 64 Gbytes of storage capacity in a single memory package.

LPDDR5X memory enhancements

Intended to offer higher bandwidth and a simplified architecture in support of the improved performance of 5G communication, the organization responsible for the standard, JEDEC, highlighted the keys of the standard:

  • Performance expansion with bandwidth up to 8,533 Mbps (compared to 6400 Mbps in the previous revision).
  • Consumption reduction up to 20% compared to LPDDR5.
  • Signal integrity improvements with TX / RX equalization.
  • Reliability improvements through the new feature Adaptive Refresh Management.
  • Density improvement to achieve 64GB capacity packages.

Samsung says it will begin collaborating with global chipset manufacturers to establish a viable framework for the availability of LPDDR5X, a new advance in mobile memory.

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