SAP wants all developers to be experts in generative AI

In the event SAP TechED 2023, which is being held in Bengaluru, SAP has offered details about the future plans they have for developers working with their platform. These plans involve trying to ensure that everyone becomes an expert in generative AI tools, and to do so it will offer them several with integrated Artificial Intelligence with which, among other things, they will be able to accelerate the creation of apps, automate processes or develop websites. of company and business.

He SAP CTO Juergen Mullerhas assured that not only the developers of its ecosystem, but everyone «they have to become AI developers«, and that they can contribute to achieving it «integrating generative AI» in their solutions, and «giving access to the knowledge we have«.

As an example of this, SAP has brought several new features to TechED 2023. Among them is SAP Build Codea system that offers a centralized and unified point to developers of all levels for the development and creation of apps and shortcuts in their work, through new generative AI capabilities designed especially for developers.

In addition, it is optimized for the entire SAP application ecosystem, as well as its Business Technology Platform (BTP), and integrates with SAP Joule Copilot to get suggestions and advice on the next steps to take in an ongoing development. With this integration you can also generate code that. can be copied quickly, which speeds up the development process.

With Build Code, SAP also wants to contribute to closing the gap between professional developers and what the company calls “citizen developers«, who want to solve a specific use case. Also facilitate the solution of problems that may arise in a professional development team, improving internal communication and with other teams in the process.

In addition to Build Code, the event also announced AI Foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform. It offers developers a central point for generating extensions and AI-powered applications on the platform. In addition, it allows you to improve development productivity, as it provides everything development professionals need to start developing business tools with AI. From out-of-the-box AI services to access to a remarkable range of large language models, as well as vector database capabilities and AI execution and lifecycle management.

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