Save 200 Euros on this 34-inch Xiaomi gaming monitor with 4K resolution

When this Xiaomi monitor for gaming was launched, it cost 519.99 euros, a fairly high price. Luckily, we can now acquire for 329.99 euros, which is the lowest historical price for this monitor. A monitor that comes with everything, 4K resolution, high refresh rate and compatibility with AMD FreeSync, among others.

34-inch Xiaomi Mi Curved

The youngest will not know the CRT monitors, also called ass monitors that were huge and weighed a lot. Luckily, they have not had to meet them and those of us who have met them are grateful to have these complete and quality gaming monitors.

Xiaomi’s gaming monitor has high-end features at a really very affordable price. Although not indicated by Xiaomi, this monitor makes use of a IPS panel. This panel has a size of 34 inches, offers us a 1500R curvature and has 4K resolution.

This monitor offers us a 121% sRGB color coverage, allowing to obtain very vivid details. As if that were not enough, it has a brightness of up to 300 nits and a contrast of 3000:1.

One of the interesting features of this monitor is that it has a WQHD layout with a ratio of contrast 21:9. The contrast ratio is usually 16:9, giving monitors their characteristic rectangular design. But, this one makes use of a 21:9 ratio, which gives it a panoramic design and being curved, it becomes an ideal monitor to enjoy games with history like Death Stranding or Cyberpunk 2077.

If we are going to play we want to have an unprecedented quality and fluid experience. To this end, this monitor has integrated the AMD FreeSync Premium technology. This technology allows to squeeze the 144Hz refresh rate to get a smooth image without the problem of image tearing or flickering. An increasingly necessary technology in monitors for video games.

xiaomi curved monitor 4k

Elevating the gaming experience

As we said, this monitor has a curved panel with a 1500R ratio that allows for a more immersive experience. We are talking about a panoramic monitor designed to be “trapped” in the game. This curved design allows for a smaller visual tilt angle, making all points on the screen practically the same distance from the eyes.

This monitor allows us, thanks to its support, to modify the height and the vertical and horizontal inclination. As if that were not enough, it offers the possibility of installing it directly on the wall. So we have different mounting modes and we can adjust it to have the best experience.

Something that has also been taken care of in a remarkable way is the connectivity in this monitor. This monitor has two ports HDMI2.0 and two ports Display Port 1.4.

Of course, this Xiaomi monitor is a more than interesting option for those who love games with history. It is totally designed to focus on the game and have the best possible visual experience.

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