Scarlet Witch, one of the most powerful characters in Marvel history

what are its origins

the character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirbyfirst appearing in number 4 of the X Menin March 1964. There, she and her brother, quicksilverare introduced as members of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants.

However, both Scarlet Witch and her brother will leave the Brotherhood and, in fact, join The Avengers, going from villains to heroes.

Curiously, the character has barely had his own or solo comicsbeing a regular of others, such as The Avengers or the X Men. With the popularity of the MCU, she has already received more attention and some series in which she is the only protagonist and that is quite good, by the way.

Who is the Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, that is the name of the heroine, is a sorceress of Roma origin and twin of the speedy quicksilver.

At first, they were thought to be powerful mutant children of Magneto, but in reality they are orphans enhanced by the High Evolutionary on Mount Wundagore.

Although, at first, the Scarlet Witch’s powers were much less and based on her ability to alter probabilities, from the 1980s it became a vehicle for powerful Chaos Magicwith the ability to alter reality.

These enormous powers reach such an extent that he was able to alter the entire world to convert it, according to Magneto’s wishes, into one where the mutants were the dominant ones on the planet.

With a history that walks on the edge of being a heroine and a villain, Wanda is a complex character, with a traumatic life that gives her a somewhat unstable character.

In fact, with time and the development of her abilities, the Scarlet Witch is considered one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe of comics.

what powers does it have

Wanda Maximoff's powers

Although, physically, she has no special attributes and has the strength of a normal woman, on more than one occasion, She has been considered the most dangerous of The Avengers.. This is due to the dark and powerful nature of his magical abilities, developed to be similar to that of a god.

Among those powers are:

  • the magic of chaos. A magic of a dark nature, received from the god of chaos Chthon himself and that feeds much of his powers.
  • Witchcraft. Descended from a lineage in which she is powerful, Wanda always had the ability to manipulate magic. Similarly, she can channel the power of other transcendent beings and not just Chthon, as well as wield vast knowledge of spells and incantations.
  • The above gives the ability to do just about anythingfrom flying, to creating force fields, teleporting, manipulating energy…

It all boils down to the fact that it is capable of altering the foundations of reality itself, an enormous power that, on occasion, has caused more than one terrible event.

The most remarkable facts of his biography

Scarlet Witch and Magneto

With such power of a chaotic nature, in addition to a complicated and traumatized story, The Scarlet Witch is a character who walks on the edge of good and evil, which makes her very interesting.

Some of the most important facts of her career as a heroine, and sometimes a villain again, are:

  • She and her brother started out in Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants, but they don’t really agree on their goals and means, leaving him and joining the Avengers.
  • She will marry Vision and will give birth to two children thanks to magic, which allows him to get over the fact that he can’t have them. However, Mephisto was behind that magic and eliminates those children. That loss will mark Wanda forever and it is part of his dark and complicated character that often brings trouble.
  • Agatha Harkness and Doctor Strange will help and train her to develop her enormous powers.
  • In the story arc of M’s housewill help Magneto, whom he believes to be his father, to create a world in which mutants are the dominant species.
  • With her powers forgotten, she is betrothed to Doctor Doom, who helps her channel the Life Force and then takes it from her to become omnipotent, but these powers will be too much for him to overcome.
  • His strength is such that is able to face the Dark Phoenix and defeat it.
  • Throughout your adventures, will kill a few important characters, like Vision, Hawkeye or Ant-Man. But well, it is already known that deaths do not mean much in Marvel.
  • In time, he will come to face and defeat Chthon himself, god of chaos. He will be with the help of Doctor Doom, by the way, with whom he also has a complex relationship.

In general, Wanda’s is a story full of nuances, where the theme of manipulation is always present. She is capable of manipulating reality, but many story arcs deal with a Scarlet Witch being manipulated by others as well, to take advantage of her enormous power.

James Robinson’s solo comics, relatively recent (from 2015), explore these complex facets and origins. With a life marked by terrible events and the responsibility of powers that sometimes surpass her, Wanda Maximoff is an extraordinarily complex character in a universe where, on many occasions, heroes and villains are too simple.

How the Scarlet Witch in the movies is different from the one in the comics

Wandavision - Scarlet Witch and Vision

Although it has been the UCM movies that have given popularity to a character that has hardly had its own comics, there are quite a few differences between the Wanda of the movies and the comics.

  • In the MCU, the origin is very different. She and her brother are kidnapped by Hydra agents and subjected to experiments by Wolfgang von Strucker, who used Loki’s scepter, fueled by the Mind Stone, to endow the twins with powers.
  • Mutant origins and references, including kinship messes with Magneto, they are ignored in the MCU because Fox had the rights to said mutants. We will see if, from now on, they are reintegrated in some way.
  • The powers have a very different nature, coming from the Mind Stone in the movies. Much more powerful in the comics, the series Wandavision It begins to give an idea of ​​​​how powerful it can also be in the UCM.
  • The suit is very differentalthough the one from the comics appears in Wandavision and it is likely that we will see it more and more similar to how you saw in the comics.
  • In the comics, his brother livesbut in the movies, no.
  • In the movies she never married Vision, but in the comics she did.

As you can see, the character is very different. But, with its use in new films, such as Doctor Strange: In the multiverse of madnessit seems that she is getting closer, at least a little, to the very powerful heroine that she is in the comics.

Some things you didn’t know about Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff's Babysitting Cow

And to complete your knowledge, nothing better than some secrets about the Scarlet Witch that few know.

  • Showing how weird Marvel comics can get sometimes, and delving into Wanda’s confusing origins, had a cow as a babysitter. In reality, she was a mix of human and cow evolved and intelligent, but she was a cow and you can see her in the image above.
  • Given its powerful and unstable nature, both The Avengers and the X-Men have considered eliminating it to save the world of possible disasters caused by it.
  • She’s so powerful, it took the combined powers of Professor X and Doctor Strange to stop her once, and not for long, either.

As you can see, Scarlet Witch is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe. The complexity of her character, the influence of the traumas of her life and the fact that she is the channel of her very powerful powers, make her a key player, both in the comics and in the movies.

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