Remember Windows XP with these wallpapers

Windows XP is not a version of Microsoft’s operating system. No, Windows XP is quite an institution, one of the best systems designed by Microsoft to date (although it is true that several Service Packs were necessary to polish it up to the altars) and, also (mainly as a result of this) one of the most beloved iterations by the immense majority of those users who used it at the time, if only to escape the infamous Windows ME. And that its successor was Windows Vista, only served to increase the legend, of course.

There are many reasons for which, even today, Windows XP continues to be so loved and valued so highly. As you will remember how gray hairs are already combing, with the jump from MS-DOS 6 + Windows 3.1 to Windows 95, Microsoft told us that MS-DOS was banished in the past. However, it was not like that, and Windows 98 and Windows ME still had to pass until, with the jump to XP, Windows finally started to use the kernel and architecture of Windows NT, which is like exchanging a shack for a bunker. .

This enormous acceptance explains that, even today, and despite the fact that its life cycle (that is, its support) ended more than nine years ago (on April 8, 2014), there is still a lot of life around you. As an example, just a few days ago we told you that the way to activate it offline has finally been made public, so as not to have to use third-party applications that, on many occasions, can include malware. Don’t you find it surprising and fascinating that there is still a demand for this?

Aware of the attraction and memories that this version of Windows continues to arouse among many users, Michael Gillett, partner technology strategy manager at Microsoft, has decided to have a detail with the community. In addition to his work at Microsoft, he is also responsible for WallpaperHub, a website whose name already gives you an idea of ​​its content, right? Well, he has taken advantage of it to post two artificial intelligence-enhanced Windows XP Desktop Wallpapersso that they adapt to the resolutions and aspect ratios of current screens.

Recover Windows XP with these wallpapers

On the one hand, we have the unforgettable grassy hill with an impressive blue sky marked by some white clouds. The version redesigned by artificial intelligence has added a lake in which we can see part of the original stamp reflected in the water.

Recover Windows XP with these wallpapers

The second original background of Windows XP adapted to current screens is, I admit, something that I never knew how to identify what it was about (I also admit that I was from the hill team), and even today I am not completely clear about it. I think it pretends to be something similar to a flower, but it could also be a napkin with the most bizarre fold in history, or a three-dimensional graphic of those that have become so popular in recent times and that are sometimes incomprehensible even for their own authors.

These reviews of the Windows XP wallpapers have not been liked by everyone, some users criticize that the content generated by artificial intelligence is tremendously… artificial (I save the joke with the pun, you’re welcome), but without doubt they are one more of the many and well-deserved tributes which, even today, continues to receive the most loved and remembered version of Windows.

You can download the hill wallpaper (Bliss) here, and Bloom here.

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