Set up Windows security and privacy easily with Privatezilla

Despite these implemented features that we are talking about and that we can use, privacy is one of the main complaints of many users of windows. They believe that Microsoft collects too much personal usage data from its customers. To give you an idea, for example, we cannot completely deactivate the telemetry or data collection that the software giant does while we work on its operating system.

It is true that we have two levels of privacy, but contrary to what one might think, we do not have the possibility of deactivating said telemetry completely.

windows diagnostic

However, we can always use third-party software solutions to improve security and privacy on our Windows-based computer. A clear example of all this, and perhaps one of the best-known programs with these characteristics, can be found in the popular Privatezilla. Actually, we are dealing with open source software that has been with us for a good number of years.

Precisely for all this, its developers have gained experience and updated their project to adapt to the latest system versions from Microsoft. It goes without saying that we can benefit from all its advantages and integrated functions without spending a single euro.

How to use the privacy program in Windows

We will only have to download it to our computer and put it into operation to see all that it is capable of offering us when it comes to improving security and privacy. Initially, as soon as the application is started, in the left panel we find all the functions that we can manage from here.

Some of these customizable functions are marked by default so that they can be applied from the first moment. With everything and with this we recommend you press the Analyze button that is located at the bottom of the Interface. Thus, Privatezilla will be able to carry out a complete scan of the computer to offer us the possibility of activating or deactivating the necessary functions based on the operation of our Windows.

privatezilla interface

From that moment on, the options related to security and privacy that are configured, or not, on our computer will appear in the right panel. We also recommend that you take a careful look at all the customizable functions that are presented in the left panel. We can mark or unmark these depending on our needs. They refer to the behavior of Windows in terms of our privacy, pre-installed applications, permissionsprogram behavior systemand much more.

All this will allow us to carry out the deactivation of functions that at first we would not even have thought that we could change in the Microsoft system. With all this we will be able to customize its behavior and maintain our privacy to the maximum while we work on a day-to-day basis with the PC.

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