Sexy Beast: appointments between “monsters”, in the trailer of the absurd Netflix series

Netflix is always ready to churn out new content, of all kinds and types, but with the release of the trailer for Sexy Beast managed to surprise us once again.

The new dating show, despite a classic format, will have the particularity of showing contestants totally made up, to look like various animals or fictional characters.

Masked contestants in the Sexy Beast trailer

The series, coming next month on Netflix, was created to focus on people’s personality rather than physical appearance. For this reason the participants were made up like animals or fictional characters and, despite the sometimes creepy appearance, it seems that the goal has been hit.

Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, the singles on this show sport elaborate makeup and neat prosthetics to test the true chemistry of a blind date.

A somewhat bizarre series that however contains a very important basic concept, namely that we must not stop at the outward appearance but find out what a person really is like.

Of course, spontaneity and naturalness don’t dominate in a show like this, but it’s enough to provide a new product to viewers with an original idea.

The work done to create this series is a lot, especially for the make-up phase of the individual participants, made to perfection. A high level of make-up that makes the various competitors credible, and sometimes scary.

The animated series will arrive on Netflix next July 21, get ready for beastly dates!


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