Share screen and make massive video calls on PC with Telegram

The truth is that initially these instant messaging platforms or applications are specially designed for use on mobile devices. However, over the years and thanks to its enormous acceptance, little by little they have been spreading and reaching desktop computers. How could it be otherwise, this is something that has been achieved thanks to the fact that either the official developers, or external developers, have created applications for Windows or Linux.

This is the case of one of the most used alternatives in the world and that we have mentioned before, Telegram. In fact, we have a powerful UWP application that we can download directly from the official store of Windows 10 and that does not stop improving.

Telegram Desktop
Telegram Desktop

Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP

Latest news coming to the Telegram app

Well, we tell you all this because the messaging app we are talking about here, Telegram, has just received a new update with interesting improvements. Among other things, it has tried to give an important boost to everything related to both video calls and shared screens. Keep in mind that this messaging application continues to expand its communication functions through video. It is precisely for this reason that its top managers aim to enhance its video call service.

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To give you an idea, this is a feature that, as of the last update, already supports up to 30 transmitters and 1,000 viewers of the video signal. To this we can also add that an unlimited number of listeners of the audio will be able to use this communication. Similarly, the videos uploaded to the platform they have also received some improvements. Among these we can highlight the recent arrival of speed control options in playback. Thus we will have the possibility of reproducing these specific contents at speeds of 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x. In turn, video recording is now carried out with a higher image quality.

Telegram boosts video calls and screen sharing

In addition to everything discussed so far, Telegram has enabled the ability to share the screen on the video calls 1 to 1. This will greatly increase the functionality of such video calls, which is precisely the goal of this application. It is also worth noting that the photo editor in the Telegram UWP app for Windows now has more in order to take full advantage of this functionality.

The regulars of this instant messaging service will surely have noticed that Telegram has intensified its updates this year. Thanks to them, new functions have been added almost every month. Without a doubt, this is good news for both the creators of the application and for regular users. In fact, both parties hope that this Telegram application for Windows 10 will continue to grow for the benefit of all.

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