Show off the cover of the books on your Amazon Kindle

Well, until now e-book readers were at a disadvantage with physical books because of the feel of the paper, the smell of it and the covers. In readers like Amazon Kindle this changes, and what could not be shown until now, yes. So let’s see how to enjoy the art of them and take advantage of the advantages that power brings have the covers of your books visible on a Kindle.

One of them is the ability it offers to start conversations with strangers. Who hasn’t asked someone else how about the book just because the cover caught their attention or who hasn’t started chatting about a particular one that they’ve also read and now see in someone else’s hands? So we are going to see it all, so that you take advantage of these types of interactions that books have been favoring for years.

What is Display Cover

Kindle update software

As its name indicates, Display Cover is the option that Amazon has implemented in your e-book readers. Thanks to it, it is possible to show the cover of them and although it is not spectacular, the utility is attractive to many.

These covers will show up when your Amazon Kindle is on the lock screen. That will be the moment where the cover will be shown as if it were a book that we have closed with us. So, while the experience will not really change, it will bring a different point of view and help in different situations.

What books show their cover

The books that will show their cover once this option is activated on the Kindle, all those who have it are, but that does not mean that they have to be purchased through the Amazon bookstore itself.

The books you load on your Kindle Through applications like Caliber they will also show the cover if they have it. In case the digital book does not have a cover and you want to add one or modify the one you have, you can choose this application and ePub manager.

Access the Generate Help options and then in the customize options, tap on Cover image to change it to one you have in your images folder or the location where you saved it.

Display Cover Compatible Kindle Models

The Show Cover or Display Cover function it is compatible with some Kindle models, not all and that is important to know to avoid wasting time looking for something that does not appear or appear.

The models that allow the use of Display Cover are:

These Amazon e-books are the ones that will be able to activate the option and enjoy it.

How to activate Display Cover

Well, now that you know what exactly this is about Display Cover, what models of Amazon Kindle e-books are compatible and you have identified whether or not it is the model you have, you will wonder how to activate the option. So that’s what we’re going to see. Although we already warned you that it is so simple, that the strange thing is that you do not discover it for yourself when entering the settings.

For enable Display Cover This is what you have to do:

  1. The first thing is update your Kindle to the latest firmware version of the device
  2. Once you are at least in the version that activated this feature, the next step is to go to the Settings tab
  3. Within Settings access Device options
  4. There you will see that a new option called Show Cover o Display Cover depending on whether you use the Kindle in Spanish or English
  5. Activate the option and the book cover will automatically appear when the Kindle enters screen lock or sleep mode

As you can see, the display of covers on the Kindle is very simple and you don’t have to do anything really special. What’s more, you won’t even have to do something extra so that the covers are then in the books in ePub format and are inserted normally. If you don’t have it, as we said before, you can add it with some Caliber-type applications. Obviously the cover does not appear in color for more than obvious reasons, and it is that the electronic ink screens of today’s Kindle continue to offer grayscale, and not the desired color that many have long expected.

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