simpleshow Continues to Innovate the AI Explainer Video Industry

When it comes to business, artificial intelligence (AI) assists companies in enhancing the efficiency of their communication strategy by using explainer videos. These help tailor content to the unique interests of their customers.

Video creators today use data collecting systems that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to understand better the content that their audience engages with. Then they analyze this data and attempt to develop explainer videos based on it.

The process is laborious and time-consuming, despite the fact that it is an effective method for producing videos for use in advertising or education. The examination and comprehension of all of the content require some time. The good news is that there is an even better option, in which the majority of the job will be done for you with only a few clicks.

The artificial intelligence (AI) that powers the Explainer Engine in the simpleshow video maker software makes the entire process simpler. The only thing you need to do is create your script, and in a matter of moments, you will have a video that is all set for you to use! You do not have to conduct your own research and analysis of the particular data.

In addition, simpleshow has just launched a brand new website with a more modern look and a better user experience.

The Managing Director of simpleshow, Susanne Ilemann, explains:

“As the market and technology have evolved, so has simpleshow. We are incredibly proud to launch this new website that really reflects how our customers from a wide range of functions in companies all over the world work with simpleshow. The site makes it easy to access resources and discover the benefits of communicating with explainer videos.”

The new website provides specific solutions for many user groups, including training and learning and development, HR, sales and marketing, internal communications, tech and innovation, compliance, health and safety, project management, education, and more.

The artificial intelligence in simpleshow video maker turns your complex topic into an entertaining explainer video at the push of a button. You create a script and the AI automatically generates an animated and fully dubbed video.

Even while a pre-recorded voiceover can be added to every video, the vast majority of users opt to record their own voices instead. No matter how advanced computer-generated voices have gotten, nothing can replace the authenticity of a human voice. Why? Your video will have a more personal feel as a result, as well as increased recognition and the ability to express emotion. And it is well known that individuals are able to recall information better when they are feeling it. More regions of a person’s brain become active whenever they relate knowledge to emotional experiences. As a direct consequence of this, viewers have improved memory retention.

What are the benefits of using explainer videos?

The use of explainer videos comes with several distinct benefits. This video format has the potential to boost website traffic, conversion rates, and sales, in addition to increasing overall brand exposure. Also, customer satisfaction and retention rates are improved by the use of explainer videos.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of their qualities that might help your company, such as the following:

Increase both your sales and your conversions

Explainer videos assist businesses quickly and clearly explain what their products and services are, as well as the reasons why customers should choose those products and services. Explainer videos, when done effectively, have the potential to be incredibly powerful in broadening the horizons of new options for the audience being targeted.

Raise brand awareness

A compelling explainer video is able to build an emotional connection between itself and its audience. Additionally, if the film is shared online, it has the potential to reach a far wider audience than more conventional techniques of marketing would.

Enhance customer engagement

Explainer videos assist organizations in simplifying otherwise difficult concepts for their target audiences by breaking them down into easily digestible chunks of information presented in bite-sized chunks. Customers who have the impression that they understand a company and the products or services it provides are more likely to be involved with the brand.

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Using corporate explainer videos can boost a company’s SEO, in addition to the benefits listed above. This is due to the fact that videos often receive greater SEO rankings in search engines compared to text-based content. Because of this, an explainer video on a company’s website might bring in more visitors and help the site rank higher on search engines.

Drive more visitors to your website

A high-quality explainer video can increase the amount of internet traffic a firm receives by driving potential clients to that page. Customers who view an explainer video and are interested in what they see are more likely to go to a firm’s website to learn more about the company and its offerings.

Increase the number of repeat customers

You have the option of including client testimonials in a video that you use to illustrate your business or the product you sell. By using this strategy, you will demonstrate to prospective clients your one-of-a-kind experience and knowledge, in addition to your products and services.

Create new potential leads

Include a call to action with your explainer video. It’s possible that this will make potential clients want to learn more about the subject or talk to the company’s sales rep directly.

In a Nutshell

Explainer videos give companies the ability to swiftly and effectively convey their ideas and concepts to viewers in a way that is entertaining as well as simple to grasp for the audience. Because of all the ways in which they are beneficial to businesses, explainer videos are a priceless tool that allows businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition and better connect with the audiences they are trying to reach. With simpleshow video maker, the hard work is taken from you, and the process is reduced to just the click of a button.

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