Trails: Keymaster Games takes us on the paths of American parks, with its new board game

It’s been a long time since I last hiked in the woods but, now, thanks to the new entry in the board game series Parks from Keymaster Games, Trails, I will be able to indirectly relive the experience through this new board game (which maybe will push me to get out of the house a little more).

Hike with TRAILS and explore iconic sites and national parks in the United States created in collaboration with the print series by Fifty-Nine Parks. With easy-to-learn rules, you’ll gather resources, observe wildlife, and earn wilderness badges. Grab your friends and family and hit the road!

Trails, the new board game from Keymaster Games

On the official website of Keymaster Games it is now possible to buy the new TRAILS, the board game that will see us walking back and forth along some paths of the most famous US parks; “Gathering resources, taking stunning photographs and encountering wildlife for bonuses.”

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At the end of the trail, players can then turn in the resources collected along the way to earn badges and begin their return journey in the opposite direction.

As each player visits the end of the path, the sun will begin to set over the path and, as night falls, the places of interest will grant more powerful actions. When the Sun finally leaves the path, the last round will take place and the player with the most points between collected badges, photos taken and bird sightings, will win the game!

I don’t know about you, but it feels like there really is a breath of… “fresh air” in the genre here.

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