Slaps and Beans 2: comes the second chapter of the game by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

Trinity Team And Buddy Productions together again to carry out the long-awaited project by fans, that is Slaps And Beans 2.

We are talking about the new chapter of Slaps And Beans, the scrolling fighting video game with Bud Spencer And Terence Hill featuring eye-catching pixel art graphics.

The Slaps And Beans 2 Kickstarter campaign starts

The title, of which you can read our (far from objective) review, has met with enormous success among fans young and old with its first episode published in 2017.

The launch of the Slaps And Beans 2 Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for September 16, with a base target of € 220,000.

Crowdfunding involves the development of the game in a digital Mac / PC version for the Steam platform, including original music by the Oliver Onions and localization in 12 languages.

Unpublished story, new mini-games, party mode extended to 4 players are just some of the innovations planned for this fantastic second chapter, while among the most interesting stretch goals we find dubbing (with voices of the caliber of Michele Gammino, Tilo Schmitz and Dennis Schmidt- Foß) and release for the latest generation consoles.

Over 18, on the other hand, are the rewards provided for the financiers: from the simple purchase of a copy of the game to a day in the company of the Trinity Team!

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