So Chrome can be spying on you without you knowing

keep the privacy when browsing over the Internet is an important factor, but it is not always possible. It is possible to install extensions in browsers like Google Chrome and have certain improvements, but they could also be a risk. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain how Chrome could be spying on you through add-ons and what you need to do to use them without problems, without putting your personal data at risk.

extensions to spy

We have one lots of plugins Available for browsers like Chrome. They are used to group tabs, optimize downloads and even some to improve security. But of course, they are also one more element that we are adding to the program and that can have its risks. One of them is that it can record the fingerprint we leave when browsing.

Is fingerprint it has great value. It can contain all kinds of user information, such as location, what device they use, sites visited… This will allow a website to more accurately identify anyone who enters. And browser plugins can help with all this.

Keep in mind that not all extensions will be recording data. To find out if this is your case, a group of security researchers have created Extension Fingerprints, an open source script that is responsible for verifying whether or not these extensions are installed in the browser. They have added over 1,000 extensions to this script. They have taken into account the most popular in terms of downloads, but the list can be expanded.

You can access the project page. There it will show you the extensions you have installed and if any may be recording personal data from Chrome without your knowledge. This way you will have more information and you can take action on it.

How to avoid this problem

If you want to avoid privacy problems when using the browser and also have extensions, we are going to give you some essential tips. In this way you will be more protected and you will prevent your personal information from being compromised without your realizing it, which could be a major problem.

The first thing is to install extensions only from official sources. You should not add plugins that you download from third party sites, from platforms that are not trustworthy. That could compromise your security and privacy, as they could have been developed precisely to steal data.

Besides, it’s a good idea inform of the plugins you are going to install. You can always look at comments from other users, ratings and, ultimately, avoid installing something that could be a problem. There are many false extensions and it is always advisable to verify that the one we installed is the correct one.

On the other hand, it is also good to have updated google chrome. This way you will correct possible problems that it may have. Many vulnerabilities can arise that are going to be exploited by hackers or that can use those same extensions to collect personal data without your knowledge.

In short, in Chrome they could spy on you through browser extensions. It is essential to choose very well which one to install and always check that the security of the browser add-ons is adequate.

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