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The popular streaming video portal owned by Google, Youtube, offers us content of all kinds and also in various formats. Thus, we will be able to access an almost endless amount of elements of this type for free, although we must also learn to filter.

For many years we have been used to the conventional videos that the streaming portal offers us by default. We only have to click on them and start playing automatically either on the desktop computer, the Smart TV or the mobile.

Here we will have countless hours of entertainment or training, depending on the type of videos we access or are interested in. However, for some time now, the known as Shorts. As its name suggests, these are short video content that the channels we follow publish and appear on our main panel. Many content creators use this format as a preview to other longer videos, or simply to show us something quickly and easily.

Despite its steady growth in recent months, many YouTubers hate these YouTube Shorts and would rather not see them on their user interface. Hence, in these same lines we are going to show you how delete these short videos and thus clean our main YouTube interface from them.

Remove short videos from being seen on YouTube

Initially, the fastest method to eliminate this content focused on short videos is by closing the section corresponding to them. If we look closely when we find Shorts on YouTube, they are separated by default from the rest of the content. In the upper right corner of that section where the short videos are located, we find the usual icon X shaped.

If we place the mouse pointer over it, a message appears that says I’m not interested. Therefore, we only have to click on that icon to make the contents disappear in this short format.

shorts youtube icon

In parallel, we can also make use of a versatile browser extension that will make these contents disappear forever. In fact, this is one of the many customizable functions and parameters that the extension called Enhancer for YouTube. This is a proposal that we have talked about on several occasions in the past due to all its usefulness, and that now presents us with this functionality that we are talking about.

Enhancer for YouTube
Enhancer for YouTube

To take advantage of it, in principle we only have to download and install this complement in our favorite browser. It is compatible with most of them including Firefox, Chrome or Edge. Now we can launch any video we want to see on YouTube. In the lower right part of the interface we find an icon in the shape of a gear wheel where we click to configure the extension. Now we only have to locate the section called Appearancewhere we find the corresponding option to hide the Shorts.

hide the shorts

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