So you can play trivia on your Smart TV through Netflix

Netflix It has the honor of being the on-demand content platform with the largest customer base. The entertainment giant does not stop renewing its catalog with new content, in addition to having an app that works really well. And, even if you don’t know it, you can play trivia on your TV thanks to Netflix.

A few months ago, the on-demand content platform launched its own video game section so you could enjoy different titles with which to have fun playing with your mobile. Although the game catalog is not available for smart TVs, there are some games that we can enjoy on our Smart TV.

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How to play Trivia on your Smart TV using Netflix


have been the fellow 9to5Google those who have discovered that Netflix hides a funny trivia in its version for televisions. We talk about Trivia Quest, a question and answer title that we can play alone or in company.

This game works both on the desktop version of Netflix, as well as on the official app for mobile phones, Smart TVs and other devices. Note that the interface is friendly and a bit childish, but it’s perfect for having a fun time.


To access, all you have to do is search Trivia Quest in the search engine and hit episode 1. Each new round of questions are more and more difficult and varied, so your knowledge will be put to the test.

As you can see, we are talking about a Netflix interactive series and that will allow you to play his «Ask you», a full-fledged trivia in which you will have to guess the different questions that they ask you. To answer them, you just have to use your TV remote to move around the interface and click on the option you consider appropriate.

Trivia Netflix

In each episode you must answer a total of 12 questions to be able to go to the next level and the truth is that they are getting more and more difficult. That is why we have told you before not to be fooled by such a childish aesthetic, since some questions are much more complicated than you imagine.

The interface works quite well, being able to move with the remote control without any problem in order to answer all the questions you can. Note that there is a bar at the bottom of each question that marks the time limit you have to give an answer.

Undoubtedly, a fun way to spend some time with your friends and enjoy this game of questions and answers like never before that can make you spend a great afternoon in good company. Also, if you have children they will have a great time with this interactive Netflix game for Smart TV. Finally, we want to remind you that another of the tricks hidden by the on-demand content platform will allow Netflix to sing Happy Birthday to your children.

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