So you can pretend you’re at home so you don’t get robbed

How to pretend that you are at home when you go on vacation

This is especially useful in the summer months, Easter or periods in which you are going to be away. Even if you have a second residence. You can simulate that there is a presence at home and thus prevent thieves from entering. Logically it is a complementary measure to others that you use, such as having surveillance cameras. By itself, what we are going to show is not going to prevent your house from being robbed, but it is going to help.

Turn lights on and off

Something basic is being able to turn lights on and off remotely even if you are not at home. you will even be able schedule them to turn them on and off at certain times. The objective is to give the impression that there is someone inside the house, even though in reality it is going to be empty for many days.

How can you do this? One option is to use Wi-Fi enabled smart bulbs. You will be able to control them remotely, through your mobile, and decide when they turn on or off. But you will also be able to control lamps that are connected to a smart plug. Likewise, you will be able to manage them remotely.

lower and raise blinds

You will also be able to control the house blinds. If you have them automated, you will be able to decide when to lower or raise them without having to be physically in the house. You can do all this from an application via mobile or program it to do it automatically every day.

This logically will give the feeling that there are people at home. If someone is watching the neighborhood for houses that are always closed, if they see that the blinds open and close frequently, they will think that there is actually someone living.

turn on some device

Another way to prevent your home from being robbed and simulate presence thanks to home automation is turn on certain appliances. The idea is to generate noise and make it seem like there are people. For example, you can turn on the television or play music at certain times. That will give the feeling that there are people living.

You can do the same with any other device that you think is convenient. Anything that can give a sign that there is life inside the house, welcome.

Keep plants in good condition

Also, there is no better sign that there are people in a house than having a well-kept garden or some pots always watered and greens. What can you do to achieve it? In this case, what you are going to have to do is automate irrigation. You can configure it so that the plants are watered every day or do it manually from your mobile.

Your plants will be in good condition and will not give clues to possible thieves that someone has gone to spend the summer outside and has neglected them. It is a good option to use home automation.

In short, as you can see, you can use home automation to also protect your home indirectly. You can make believe that there are people living, even if you really have been on vacation for weeks.

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